Today My Splinterlands Social Media Challenge! My Art " BATTLE ORCA"

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Happy Friday. Hello friends how are you all Hope everybody is doing well. Friends I love to do art a lot. So I participated in this art contest. Today I have created a beautiful character. The name of this character is "BATTLE ORCA"


First I draw with a HB pencil and hardboard With A4 paper to draw the picture.Then I am trying to make the beautiful picture and well.



Friends first I draw the head of this fish. And then let's draw the lace. This is how I draw two fish with my black pencil.



In the next step I re-draw this character with my black pen. And draw completely. Then I mixed the color of the pencil with rubber.



Then step by step I paint. Here I use my favorite color blue. Using blue color looks much brighter. So I use blue on the whole body.



Then in the step I use blue color as well as another bright color. I did not use any color in the stomach of this fish. I put white color in the belly of this fish.


Finally I finished drawing this dolphin fish. I used this fish belly pencil color lightly. You can participate in this contest if you want.

All of you are invited to participate in this competition. Below is a link to the competition post.

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