Splinterlands Battle | Retaliate.

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Splinterlands Battle | Retaliate.

Welcome to my blog where I'll share my winning battle with I've used two monsters with the "Retaliate" ability.


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Scavenger of splinterlands is not a card. It's a special ability of some cards that gives a chance to the card with this ability to attack their melee attacker. This means, if an opponent melee monster attacks your monster with the "Retaliate" ability, then the attacker will likely get an attack back. I tried to check how many cards are there with this ability and I've found only one monster that has this "Retaliate" ability in level 1.

A Brief Info About The Battle

The battle mana cap was 21 with "Aim True, and Up Close & Personal" rules where I've used the fire splinter where my Mylor Crowling summoned three goodies that I have in the earth splinter along with the War Chaang with "Retaliate" ability and my opponent used the life splinter against me.

My Lineup.


I had Unicorn Mustang in level 1, War Chaang in level 1 & Screeching Vulture in level 1.

And my opponent had his/her cards as Silvershield Paladin in level 1, Feral Spirit in level 1, Elven Cutthroat in level 1 & Silvershield Knight in level 1.

Let me talk about monsters that I used in this battle.

No 01: Unicorn Mustang (Rare Earth Monster)

This is the only unicorn from the earth splinter that offers the "Void" ability from the very first level which allows it to reduce damage from magic attacks and this is my second best melee monster of earth splinter.

I've used the Unicorn Mustang is in level 1 with 3 melee attacks, 4 speeds, 10 health with the "Void" ability and it needs 8 mana for battle.

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No 02: WAR CHAANG (EPIC Neutral Monster)

It's an amazing monster who has a double attack. From the visual and from the official lore of the monster, we can see that this monster is something that's been used in war and I've only seen them in cinema before.

Although I used this monster in the battle in the third position as I used another double attack monster in the second position. For splinterlands, this is a fantastic monster with a double attack. I was kind of confused about the best position for this monster in the battle.

I've learned that it's best to use it in the second position as it has both ranged and melee attacks. From the second position, it can attack with a ranged attack and if the front monster dies then this monster can come to the front and attack with melee.

My WAR CHAANG is in level 1 which offers me 1 melee attack, 2 ranged attacks, 3 speed & 8 health with "Retaliate" ability and it needs 7 mana to play.

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No 03: Screeching Vulture(Common Earth Monster)

This is a perfect monster for up & close personal ruleset for its opportunity ability that it has from level 1.

I used my Screeching Vulture in level 3 with 1 melee attack, 3 speed, 3 health with "Opportunity & Flying" abilities.
It needs 3 mana.

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On the battlefield.

For a better experience, you may watch the battle direct from the splinterlands official website from the link below.

Link to the battle.


For the special buff of my special summoner Mylor Crowling, all my monsters got the "Thorns" ability from the beginning of the battle. And for the special buff of my opponent's summoner, all opponent monsters got +1 shield each and for the special "Inspire" ability of my opponent's Silvershield Knight, all my opponent monsters got +1 melee attack each.

ezgif.com-gif-maker (1).gif

Then... for being the most speed holder, my Unicorn Mustang started the battle with its first attack on Silvershield Paladin of my opponent and destroyed the shield of that opponent monster. Then Feral Spirit of my opponent attacked and killed my Screeching Vulture and before my Screeching Vulture left the battlefield, it used the "Thorns" ability that it got from the summoner and destroyed the shield of its attacker. Then Elven Cutthroat of my opponent attacked and killed 2 health of my War Chaang. Then my War Chaang kinda got furious and used the "Thorns" ability first which destroyed the shield of my opponent's Elven Cutthroat and then my War Chaang used its "Retaliate" ability and killed that opponent monster for good.

ezgif.com-gif-maker (2).gif

Silvershield Paladin of my opponent attacked and killed 2 health of my Unicorn Mustang and then my Unicorn Mustang killed 1 health with the "Thorns" and 2 health with its melee attack. Then Feral Spirit of my opponent attacked and killed 2 health of my War Chaang and the elephant got furious again and was about to use both the "Thorns" and "Retaliate" ability on that attacker but when it used the "Thorns" ability, that opponent monster died so the "Retaliate" ability remained unused for that time.

ezgif.com-gif-maker (3).gif

My War Chaang attacked the Silvershield Paladin of my opponent but missed the target as that opponent monster had the "Shield" ability. Then that Silvershield Paladin of my opponent attacked and killed 2 health of my Unicorn Mustang and my Unicorn Mustang then used the "Thorns" ability first and then attacked the attacker manually and killed it for good. Then only monster Silvershield Knight of my opponent came forward to the first position.

ezgif.com-gif-maker (4).gif

The only monster of my opponent attacked and killed 2 health of my Unicorn Mustang, then my Unicron used the "Thorns" ability and destroyed the shield of the opponent monster first. Then my War Chaang and then my Unicorn Mustang attacked and killed a total of 4 health of the opponent monster. Then the opponent monster attacked my Unicorn Mustang and my Unicorn Mustang used the "Thorns" ability for the last time and the last opponent monster had to leave the battlefield.

The battle got finished in round 4 while my team still had two monsters alive includes the monster with the "Retaliate" ability. All my monsters did great on the battlefield.

  • In my personal opinion... A monster with the "Retaliate" is a nice fit for the ruleset with some supportive monsters.

Battle Results


By playing this battle, I won +6.991 Dec and +20 League Rating.

If you're interested in playing the splinterlands game then you should start it.
Here is the link to the official websites which is also my affiliate link.

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** The End **

"Be Good, Think Good and Do Good"

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Good use of Thorns and retaliates abilities, the combo is a good one.

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