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Winning with Gladiators

This article focuses on how we could win with our gladiators in splinterlands guild brawls. Keep in mind that gladiators can only be obtained from gladius packs and can only be used during guild battles. This is also my post for this weeks social media challenge.


Brawl 1 Water VS Death

The first match we are going to review is a battle between black and blue. With 27 mana pool battle and Holy Protection and Keep your Distance rulesets/ the full match can be viewed here:

Kelya Frendul was my choice of summoner for this match. I went with Kelp Initiate as my high speed tank, Djinn Oshannus as my secondary off tank, Merdali Guardian as support. Ice Pixie for my other source of magic damage, and Edith Emberstar as my Gladiator for which deals insane range damage.

The opponent chose thaddius brood which counters my magic damage. He started with riftwing. then scavo hireling for support which i think is a waste because he has no armor to repair. Death elemental and life sapper will provide him magic damage, then soul strangler and dhampir stalker provides him decent range damage.

Brawl 1 Round 1

The first round had my tank reduced to just 1 hp by the end. On the other hand, I was able to take out the riftwing quickly and beacuse of the high attack of my edith emberstar killing the enemy tank. It has gained a bloodlust buff increasing its armor, speed and damage. My gladiator enters the second round with 5 attack now.

Brawl 1 Round 2

Both our first position cards from the previous round was already removed from gameplay, the scavo hireling and kelp initiate. It was my edith ember star again that dealt killing blow and is now up to 6 damage. The death elemental and my djinn oshannus now moves to first position. I have a huge upper hand as I will not be recieving any magic damage from the frontlines. And the ranged damage can be healed by my support Merdali guardian, while the rest of my cards including ice pixie is free to deal damage from the backlines.

Brawl 1 Round 3

The death elemental of the opponent was eliminated this round. My Djinn is reduced to 4 hp. It was my gladiator once again that dealth the final blow and as you can see it is now dealing 7 damage per round. Edith Emberstar is completely unstoppable at this point as it also has 7 speed 4 armor and 9 hp.

Brawl 1 Round 4

It's just cleanup from this point on, with my gladiator again taking out the enemy first position life sapper. It now has an insane 8 attack 8 speed, 10 hp and 5 armor. Even if this lasts for another 10 rounds my edith emberstar is still very much capable of fighting. The soul strangler and dhampir stalker will not be able to do much anymore and at this point I'm just waiting for my team to win.

Brawl 1 Round 5

Same as the previous round, the gladiator deals out the killing attacks and it's an easy win for me in this round. Look at that 9 ranged attack damage due to the bloodlust buff. Not to mention the super high speed and armor and health.

Brawl 1 Round 6

And it's all over on the 6th round. There's nothing my enemy could do with my lineup and basically i'm just flexing at this point where my Edith ended the battle with a ridiculous 10 range damage and 10 speed 7 armor and 12 health. It was very unstoppable.


Brawl 2 Life VS Death

The next match is between white and black. It has the fury ruleset and as well as the reverse speed. This battle has a 29 mana cap and be watched in full here:

My summoner is General Sloan with Shieldbraker taking the first position. My choice of gladiator is Captain Katie, and I also have Venari Crystalsmith for support and to provide healing in the front lines. My main source of damage is the pelacor arbalest with its double strike ability allowing it to attack twice and deal insane damage buffed by Sloan.

The opponent went for Thaddius Brood, and has debuffed my magic damage and reduced all my summons hp by 1. He has a magic defensive tank at position one with his bone golem. Shadow snitch can also attack the front with its reach ability. Disintegrator to also reduce my melee damage output horny toad to provide some melee damage later. And parasitic growth that while it has the opportunity ability, with my tank's taunt ability would still end up attacking the first position.


Brawl 2 Round 1

While both my melee and magic damage has been reduced. I still have dependable ranged damage. The first round ended with the bone golem going down and the shadow snitch ending up moving to first position. My shield breaker still has relatively high hp. At this point his disintegrator and horny toad still can't attack which puts me at an advantageous position going into the second round.

Brawl 2 Round 2

Both the Shadow snitch and Disintegrator was removed from play in the second round. I still have the shieldbreaker at 7 hp as it is being sustained by Venari Cystalsmith. While my captain Katie was not dealing as high damage as it should have, it still contributes decently to my damage output and is proving useful against my enemies lineup.

Brawl 2 Round 3

It was a simple cleanup by the end of round 3 and i ended the match with all my full lineup still alive and capable of taking on a few more rounds. While my gladiator did not put on any bloodlust buffs, it allowed me to come up with a balanced and well rounded lineup.

Brawl 3 Death vs Death

It's a same color deck matchup for the next round we would be viewing:
The ruleset is aimtrue and odd ones out. There's a pretty high mana cap of 46.

My choice of summoner is Thaddius Brood to reduce and debuff enemy magic and hp. I have undead rexx on the first position for it's high 9 hp. Disintegrator to reduce enemy damage, Sandworm and Silent Sha-vi is to eliminate enemy backlines. Life sapper is also selected to give myself some magic damage and sustain. And both me and my enemy selected Liza Fox as our gladiators due to it's range damage.

The opponent had bone golem in the first position, pelacor deciever will act as secondary tank, he also has disintegrator to reduce incoming melee attacks. Also the silent Sha-Vi to attack my backlines. And to complete his lineup are the range dealing damage dhampir stalker and Liza Fox. What makes his lineup strong is the mimosa nightshade legendary summoner which gives the void ability for magic defense, reduces ranged damage and also buffs his lineup with affliction.


Brawl 3 Round 1

My Undead Rexx was taken out right after it attacked the bone golem, It caused the disintegrator to move into first position and attack and take out the enemy bone golem tank. My disintegrator and opponents pelacor deceiver both moves into first position. A big win for me in this round is that i was able to take out the liza fox by the end of the first round with the help of the sand worm and the silent sha-vi and their sneak attacks.


Brawl 3 Round 2

My sneak attack lineup proves to be very effective as it takes out the Dhampir Stalker. Liza fox continues to do damage in the front with it's 3 ranged damage reducing the pelacor decievers hp down to 3. My life sapper on the other hand is not as effective as it hasn't dealt any damage and has not gained any additional life due to the enemy summoner giving all its monsters the void ability. I now have a comfortable lead given that the enemy can only do 2 damage per round with all the remaining monsters being melee being debuffed by my disintegrator.

Brawl 3 Round 3

Liza Fox takes out the pelacor deceiver receiving the bloodlust buff increasing it's damage to 4. The sandworm and silent sha-vi from my lineup takes out the enemy silent-shavi ensuring at least 1 kill per round. Only the disintegrator remains and will be easily taken out next round.

Brawl 3 Round 4

My lineup suffered only one casualty with the help of balancing a strong front and backline damage attack. While my life sapper was not able to contribute anything, It is actually ok as my llineup is not heavily dependent on just 1 card. Taking out the enemy gladiator early in the battle proved to be very helpful and advantageous for me.


And there you have it. Thanks for making it up to this point. Follow me for more splinterlands guides and topics and as well as artwork.

If you have any questions about the gladius decks or splinterlands in general then leave a comment below. I will be sure to get back to you.

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Thanks for sharing! - @marianaemilia

Nice fights, Good job!

thanks for your support. @marianaemilia

Yoh Emberstar was a BEAST in that match!

I love it when the bloodlust goes just right!

This is why I like Katralba and Towershead. They hit twice! Often increasing their chance to kill as well as a chance to kill more than one monster in a turn!

3 damage hit that kills, next hit with 4 damage on something with 4 HP is so sweet and all of a sudden Katralba is a 5 attack sneak monster with double strike! With extra speed and HP.

Thanks bro. I too also look for matchups or that i could use katrelba. Once she gets going, nothing is stopping her.

Indeed! She is amazing!

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