Collection Power system comes to reform the Splinterlands economy

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Collection Power system is around the corner and not too long from now on it will be implemented and introduced in the Splinterlands. It promises to reform and improve the current economy through adding value to the rewards and bringing more fairness compared to the investment performed in the game. What might be overlooked is the fact that improving economics takes from the fun of the game and many new players might find it difficult to advance and be less rewarding. What effect this will have, we'll just need to wait and see...


The new levels even if advertised as being relatively low, I still find them somehow high. To take an example of an account with a market value of 650$ (which I consider a pretty good investment) it will correspond a Collection Power score of about 380K points. This will correspond to a DIAMOND II (50 Loot Chests rewards at season end) compared with the current achievement of CHAMPION I (150 Loot Chests rewards at season end). A drop of more than 100 Loot chests which represents about 66% from the prize, which I find it very high and demotivating.

The Leagues based on the Collection Power score will be as following.

While the rewards will shrink based on the new system, I still foresee some good things coming out of it. Players will hold on more on their cards in order to gather them and increase their Collection Power score to advance to higher leagues. This should limit the cards on the market and drive the prices up. At the same time less rewards means more time to be given on the market and more stability in the game instead of making it too complex.


In the same time I appreciate the continuous interest of the game founders to find solution for sustaining the game long time and this is one attempt at it. They know also to listed the community and I am sure if this experiment will fail and the stats will go down, that they will do some touches and improvements to the score levels. I understand that they want to bring equilibrium and sustainability of the game, so let's give it a chance and a fair try.

Come join the good fight and increase your Collection Power!

Don't fear the change, embrace it!


I think that the new league leaderboards may help people's perspective too, so just have to wait and see!


Indeed that should be a point to state where we are standing in the game. I'm just waiting to see how the economy will respond to it.

In the same time is it something more I need to improve to the post to be curated? Thanks!

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