Splinterlands News: Failed Summoner Heads to Court to Get His Name Changed.

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Earth Splinter Commoner Failed Summoner showed up in court today to request his name to be changed from Failed Summoner to something more fitting.
"90% of these Chaos Legion lot are failed summoners from the Western Wood Academy but I am the only one with the label of being a failure" he declared.
"Why do I get all the bad press?"

When asked what he would like to be called Failed Summoner replied that he did not mind. Anything without the word failed in it suggesting that he doesn't get purchased in the market because of the "failed" tag.

"I'd like a double barrelled name like Arnatous Pimperhorn or Scarlett Dumbledee, something with a ring to it."
"Something like those name which doubles the value straight away and maybe I will get more game time as a result." he declared.

"I just don't like my past to be brought up again and again." "Summoner School was difficult enough without having to be constantly reminded that I am a failed summoner."

Reports on the Failed Summoners early life is he was tipped to be the best summoner in the game. Real name Tommy Mcgee joined the exclusive Western Wood academy famed for its 90% failure rate at the tender age of 5 after his parents saw him floating on water. He had a 2 mana first of all which is much sought after in the game. He also has a magic reflect which would be huge in the game nowadays. He actually would have become the most expensive summoner in the whole game. The world was his oyster. But tragedy struck when his best friend Xander Foxwood started to get jealous of Tommy's 2 mana plus ability. Xander had no ability which meant it was either him or Tommy that would make the grade. On the night before of the summoners final exams, the best friends went out for dinner with a couple of lackies. Xander laced Tommy's dinner with a poisoned sleeping potion.

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The next morning Xander was on time for the final exams at the academy but Tommy was nowhere to be seen. He was back in his student accommodation in sleepy sleepy snoozy slumber land. When he woke up at 4pm he rushed to the Western Wood academy but it was too late. They wouldn't leave him in and that was that. No second chances. He was a failed summoner. Xander made sure that he would become a normal monster but to add insult to injury he placed him in the common deck.
From that day on Tommy became known as the Failed Summoner and he vows revenge on his ex best friend Xander Foxwood.

The courts defence team called the Peakmonsters tribe as a witness and they claimed there was nothing wrong with the market value of Failed Summoner. He was an integral part of the Earth Splinter and was used at a high level by the Splinterlands community.
"He is at 2 dollars per card" claimed a Peakmonsters source.
"Nothing to be sniffed it" they claimed.

The court took a few more testimonies and came to their verdict.

"Mr Summoner, you may stand."
"You have indeed the right to change your name and indeed to a double barrelled one but on one condition."

"Great what is it?"
"You may choose your last name but your first name will have to be Pelacor."

[Audible Gasps amongst the gallery]

"No thanks your Honour."
"I am fine with the name Failed Summoner"


I agree with Failed Summoner. It is indeed better to be failed than pelacor. Pitty that he couldn't change his name but at least you told this part of history to us and I guess we can all agree now that we hate Xander Foxwood.

😀😀. You have to have eyes at the back of your head in Western Wood Academy. 👀👀👀

Lol. Poor Pelacor!!

I'm getting some mileage out of this Pelacor family. 😀.

True lore!

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Pelacor Squib has a nice ring to it, though I don't think Aggy and Matt would appreciate the lawsuit

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