My mid season update

in Splinterlands4 months ago

I will start with a reminder of my goals I have for this season.

My goals are

  1. Hit bronze 1
  2. Level up 10 cards
  3. Get 1 sps for the season

My eos chests are bronze I know but this is what I have so far.


Now is my time to brag about my season this far. I can not be leave how this season has gone so far.

I have not only hit bronze 1 but I have made it all the way up to silver 3.


So that is not just a pass that is a smash for my first goal.

Goal 2

leveling up some cards is a hard one as I cant afford to drop much into the game but I now have 23 cards that are level 2+.
this includes 2 level 2 summoners. (fire and water)

Goal 3

This is what most people play for RIGHT. SPS my goal was to get 1 SPS to withdraw as it took me 2 seasons to make 1.5 SPS. To get 1 SPS is not a goal I wanted to miss out on so when I got to bronze 1 I got a shock. Now sitting in silver 3 I am rubbing my hands together with my pull this season.


So after a very rough start to my splinterlands play time it is starting to pay off. Not only am I getting paid to play a game that I now have more fun playing but seeing all this in one place makes me want to play more but we have ECR yay.

New items

Now with my goals out the way let me tell you how I got om with Rift watchers packs, Tower defense and Runis. The easy answer is I can not afford any of them so I miss out.

New goal going forward

So my new goal going forward will be to get enough cards to keep me climbing up the ladder.

Thanks for reading if you made it this far. I hope your season has been going as good as mine. If you would like to keep updated with how I'm getting on you can follow me. (You don't have to but I appreciate it heaps)

So till next time best of luck, have fun and keep grinding.


Good job man.

And goodluck climbing further, competition is getting tougher.