Best Splinterlands Beginner Cards

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It's the first question everyone asks when they start a new trading card games (even if it shouldn't be). Which cards should I go after first? Well, there is sure to be a lot of healthy debate on this topic, but I decided to share my opinions after recently going through the new player experience myself. All of these cards I either found extremely beneficial or really struggled against on the other side.

Here is a list of some of the top cards I recommended. I went for a combination of both cheap and premium options to try and make the list applicable for a range of spenders/renters. I've created this post for those who want a tldw version. For a more in depth explanation of why I recommended each card, I'll refer you to the video above and you can choose the appropriate timestamps.


Mylor Crowling
Brighton Bloom
Yodin Zaku
Scarred Llama Mage


Furious Chicken
Creeping Ooze
Goblin Tech
Sand Worm
Lord Arianthus
Halfling Alchemist
Chain Golem


Sea Monster
Kraken, Magnor, Dark Ha'on
Wood Nymph, Crustacean King


Mitica Headhunter
Fire Spitter
Dragon Jumper
Kron the Undying
Rule of the Seas
Phantom of the Abyss

Disagree with any of these? Think I should have added anyone? Should I have narrowed it down more and left a few off the list? Be sure to let me know, and give anyone coming across this post looking for advice another group of opinions to go off of!

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Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

Nice video.