XBOT Season - Day 3

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The 3rd session of the season is now complete and it was a stellar one for XBOT! The bot had by far it's best performance yet, gaining 168 rating and posting it's first session with a winning record!

image (5).png

This was a very encouraging session by the bot. I'm certainly thrilled anytime I have a day where I gain 168 rating. For some context, I typically start the season at 3100 rating (Diamond II) and finish the season around 4200 rating (Champion II). That puts my average rating gain per day at around 75 points. This is clearly well above that and actually bumps up the average rating gain per day by XBOT to 78, which is exactly in line with what I would expect from my own personal performance.

One factor that certainly helped this session was there were 0 surrenders. Giving away free wins is certainly painful, and it's encouraging that those have reduced each session. One of the primary goals of beta testing for XBOT has been to eliminate these and I'm certainly seeing great progress there. Reading their Discord it sounds like we might be looking at about a 2 week time frame before beta testing ends and the general token sale goes live (expected price is $20).

As I searched back through the battles this one was probably my favorite one of the session. Most players, myself included try to avoid melee attacks altogether when the briar patch ruleset pops up. Not XBOT. It actually went with an all out sneak/opportunity team and it completely took the opponent by surprise as they were setup to defend against magic damage to their front line. It's a classic example of how sometimes the best teams to play are actually the ones that play opposite of what you would predict from the ruleset.


I concluded last session by saying my early impressions were that XBOT is a quality bot worthy of being run in Diamond/Champion league but probably unlikely to actually outperform me. Apparently it took that personally and responded in a big way! I'm certainly curious to see how the rest of the season plays out and whether or not we will get more sessions like this one. I typically hit Champion around the midway point in the season (7-9 days remaining in the season) so that will be a milestone I'm monitoring. Earnings skyrocket as you cross the threshold to Champion, so how quickly you can get there is often more important than the actual final rating/ranking.

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Thanks for the indirect tip. I'll definitely be checking into the bot plays to help with my own playing.

Question, do you know the website that shows the most played cards per league? I remember seeing this site some time ago, but I can't find it.

Great write up btw. Encouraging to see.

Are you referring to summonerlab.com

That's exactly the site. Funny because I use that site strictly to check out the deals. Forgot to click on cards. Thank you!

I don't know of a site that offers it. I've seen someone run the season numbers and post them here in a hive blog before. I can't remember who though.

As @ferrel pointed out, it's summonerlab.com that I was looking for. I asked for most played, but I meant winrate. On SumL, if you click on "cards"
you can sort by league and it shows the overall winrate of cards per league.