A New Strategy Discovered for Water Splinter - W/ Serpent of Eld

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Hi Guys, Welcome to Another Weekly Post where I'm sharing Strategies from my Splinterlands Gamings. As we Lead up into the Christmas Seasons and Finally, a New Year - I can't help but Wonder what lies in store for the Entire Web3 Gaming Space, Hive Blockchain, and Eventually Splinterlands TCG.

We all have had a good run, both the Creators and Readers here on Hive-SP Community, admist the Severe Bear Market that has lasted for much longer than expected - I just wanted to send out a big thank you to everyone who continues to believe in the future of Web3 Gaming, and Hope we continue Creating Better Contents.


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With that being said, Let's Dive into the Content of this Post, where I'll be Sharing a New Strategy Discovered for a Water Splinter Called Serpent of Eld, which has helped to improve my Battle Options in my Games.

How to Use the Water Splinter?

First and Foremost, we have to realize that each Splinter in Splinterlands has specific ways in which they can be deployed - this goes from One OR Two AND Multiple Strategies, the Limit depends on How many Monsters you hold in your team.

The Water Splinter is a Special Element for so many Reasons, the Most Obvious Being that - It has Both Melee And Magic Attack Monsters which can Penetrate the Shield of Players, Knowing How Important Shields can be in Games, Water Splinters are one Element to Keep Watch for.

I'll be Direct in saying that the Water Splinter has not always been a Favorite of Mine, for one main reason that I'm aware of - I just didn't know how to use them. They were Difficult to Master and Plan a Team Around, so I stuck to other Splinters instead.

This was fine for me Last Year when I Played Splinterland, but not Anymore. WHY? - Well, the new Release Cards has made Water Splinter Undoubtedly among the Top 3 Strongest Elements(Without Comparing Dragon, which are the Obvious Overloads).

Therefore, I decided to give Water Splinter a try and Understand them Better. Let's Check Out One New Strategy I Discovered ⬇

image (1).png

Serpent of Eld - An Exceptional Multitasker

One thing I'm Happy about is that Serpent of Eld is still a Free Base Monster that Everyone can Practice and Use in Real Battles even though He's not from Chaos of Legion Card Edition.


Serpent of Eld is a Water Splinter from the Untamed Card Edition, He Comes built with +2 Shield, +5 Health, +3 Melee Attack, +4 Speed, and a Cost of Just 7 Mana. Most Special of All is His Special Ability Called Dodge.

Ability - Dodge.png

Dodge(Ability) - Has an Increased Chance of Evading Melee or Ranged Attacks

Because of his Special Abilities, Serpent of Eld is a Favourite Tank Position Monster and One of the Easiest choices to Make when Building a Water Team. He's an Exceptional Multitasker because he fulfills the Following Roles Required of a Tank:

  • He has very High Speed which makes his Special Ability Dodge stand Out More, making him the Fastest Attacker per Round & While Dodging Enemy Attacks

  • He has Reasonable/ Average Health and Is Built with Shield to Protect Initial Hits and Extend his Lifetime Battling

  • His Mana Cost is not too High and Can Fit Well Into Low Mana Cap Battle, Albeit, His Multitasking Nature removes the need for Lining up Several Attack Monsters.

BUT Even An Exceptional Multitasker Has Its own Limit (Not So?) (Afterall, One Monster cannot Assume All Positions in a Battle Team) - And One Thing that Serpent of Eld Readily Needs to Support his Role as a Tank is Healing Ability.

Since he Doesn't have this Naturally, He Needs Other Monster that can Support Him with Healing Per Round, and He's Where my New strategy can be Found - A Strategy that Can Utilize the Exceptional Ability of Serpent of Eld, In Both High and Low Mana Battle, Using Both Base Monster Cards, Rental/Purchased Cards, that Should eventually win you more Battles with Water.

image (1).png

Several Strategies for Serpent of Eld

These are Some of the Strategies that helped me Understand the Water Splinter much Better, Improve my Monster Selection process, and Leverage the Powerful Abilities of Water Elemental to Increase my Win Rate.

  • Here, We're Concerned with Using Serpent of Eld as a Tank because like we saw Above, He fits the Requirement Snugly and Also Exists as a Base Card. One thing to Keep in mind is that - some Other Great Cards could be Options such as Diemonshark, BUT Considering Feature such as Mana Cost and Attack, Serpent of Eld is a Better Fit.


Diemonshark could be a Suitable Option, But Consider Mana Cap, Melee Attack, and Special Ability , which is lower


  • Using with a Summorner - There are Various Summorner Options to Consider but the Best I've found so Far is Kelya Frendul. He Improves two Important Statistics of Serpent of Eld; Shield and Speed - and by doing this, Serpent of Eld becomes Super Fast Dodging Greater than 50% of Incoming Hits which means you can bank more on him even with his Average Health Stat.


Best Summorner Choice: Kelya Frendul


  • Using a Healer - This is Extremely Important and can define the Difference between a Victory and Defeat. Serpernt of Eld Lies on the Average Health Stat, and by Following the Strategy of Summorner choice above, I could Stall my Health Reduction Rate, But When Enemy Monsters eventually Land a Hit - +5 Health Wouldn't Last for Long. By Selecting a Cheap Tank Healer Monster, I could Supply Serpent of Eld Health Each Round. Luckily, a Tank Healer with Cheap Mana Cap exist among the Base set of Cards: Merdaali Guardian



  • Using Magic Attackers - The Water Splinter is Rich in Magic Attackers, and I found Two Different Ways to Profit from this. The First Way, is that Magic Attackers from the Water Splinter Usually have Low Mana Cost which is a Great Move to Make in Low Mana Cap Battles. Simply, line up your Attack with Magic Monsters in Support of Serpent of Eld. This came in Handy for me, in Under Twenty Mana Cap Battles. The Second Way, Make a Change of Summorner to Bortus IF, and Only If, Your Opponent is Highly Likely to Use a Water or Earth Elemental. Water & Earth have many Magic Attackers. By Doing this, You can Reduce their Magic Attack with +1.
    In Either Case, Sticking with Summorner Kelya Frendul can be a Bad Move Since Shield will be Insignificant Against Magic
Line up Magic AttackersChange Summorner to Bortus
Ice_Pixie.png Rent or Purchase Magic Attack Monsters from the MarketBortus.pngBortus Available as a Base Card, Use for Magic Team Opponents

image (1).png

Summary: Do More Water!

My Goal is Essentially to Play More Water Games, Since I have Avoided this Splinter for a Lack of Understanding. By Making a little Conscious Effort, I've been enjoying the Water Splinter Battles I play and Excited to See Enemy Teams Crumble, Previously, I used to be the One on the Defeat End.

But don't get me Wrong, the Water Splinter Loses Every now and then - The Magic (Read Magic Attack xD) is to Keep Playing More Games to Find out what Works and what Doesn't. Left for me, I always Save Any Team that Defeats a Team I've Spent time Building Out, so I can Rebuild them to be Stronger.

The Few Strategies I Shared in this Post are What have been Guiding my Choices with Splinterlands Water Splinter so Far, but I Hope to Discover more Strategies, Across more than One Monster too!

Kudos to Serpent of Eld, Such a Beutifully Crafted Monster!

Which Splinterlands Element do you Use the Least and Why?

Your Gamer & Builder,


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