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Hi Guys and Welcome to another Share your Battle Challenge Hosted Weekly By The @splinterlands Team. Check Out this Link to Begin Participating.

Last Week, we had a Spin up where we Battled Dragon Monsters and Had the Freedom to Share Any Monster of Our Choosing from the Element, Many Gamers had a Lot of Fun Because of How Superior and Undefeated Dragons are, I also really Enjoyed Sharing my Dragon Battle. Check it Out from Last Week.

Share Your Battle Challenge - 1 Mana Cost Monsters.png

This Week I Decided to do Something Quite Different from the Usual, and will be Sharing my Battle with no Special Highlight on Any One Monster, The Focus rather is Gonna be On "Battling with Only 1 [ONE] Mana Cost Monsters in my Line up".

There's a Good Reason I'm Skipping Battling with Gem Meteor this Week And Here's WHY ⬇

I Started with Gem Meteor All right

After Discovering this Week Theme Monster to be Gem Meteor, I Quickly Rented him from the Marketplace.

Gem Meteor is an Epic Neutral Monster From the Chaos of Legion Card Edition. He Comes with +5 Mana Cost in Battles, 1 Ranged Attack, +4 Speed and +5 Health.


This was the first time I'll be Using this Monster, and I was Also Excited because I was Going to Test Out His Ability Called Scattershot.

Scattershot - Ranged and Magic Attacks hit a random enemy target

Long story shot, I Skipped Using Gem Meteor Because I was Highly Dissapointed, After trying it out in Battle.

  • First and Foremost, I wasn't able to activate the Special Ability of Gem Meteor, I Battled with him Several Times Over and Never Noticed him use his Special Ability. Right now, I still have no clue about what it does Or How to trigger it.

  • Secondly, For some Weird reason, Gem Meteor Does NOT Strike. I mean Guys, I was Happy to See he comes with +4 Speed, but He Just Does not Strike!. Even with +1 Ranged, which is still Manageable.

  • Thirdly, Because of this Underperformance from One Monster Costing +5 Mana Cap, I always ended up losing the Battles played with Gem Meteor. My Opponents always end up Overpowering me Because Afterall, A Cooperatove Team Effort is what Wins Battle, but what Happens when there's one Monster doing Nothing in the team? You Lose.

Because of All these Reasons, I Decided to Share an Unuauall Battle with You Guys, Let's Check it Out Below.


I Switched to +1 Mana Monsters, Not Too Bad

So At Last, I Ended up with a 12 Mana Cap Battles after Playing Numerous Battles trying to get Gem Meteor to Work, and I just Decided to Use Low Mana Capped Monster and See if I could Get a Win!.

I was Happy with the Battle, Because this was Literally the First time I did so, If you've been reading any of my Previous Battles, you might Realise that I Always Prefer Few Monsters Over Several Low Mana Monsters.

My Experience Using this Shows me that with the Right Strategy and Elemental Faceoff, Even Low Mana Monsters can Out Smart Regular Monsters like I Almost DID. It Ended with a Draw!

Now, Time to Battle!

Battle Details: In this Battle, I Deployed 5 Monsters of which 4 Were 1 Mana Cap Monsters, the exception was Death Monster Life Sapper as you can see below. I Fought against Earth Elemental Opponent (with Obsidian Summorner). It was a Low Mana Battle of Just 12.

Batlle Lineup - +1 Mana Monsters.png

image (1).png


Round 1 Begins with Each Summorner Activating the Buffs. My Opponents Monsters Gain +1 Magic Attack and My Monsters Gain +1 Shield (From Drake of Arnak). I thought the Battle hopeless at this Point knowing Magic Attack was going to Penetrate my Shielded Monsters, but if I could Elminate Khmer Princess Early - I was gonna be Fine. Luckily, I had Undead Badger Targeting the Last Monster.
By the End of Round 1, I lost Chaos Agent to a Strike from Khmer Princess,


Life Sapper has been Gaining Some Health with Each Strike he Deals, So he was able to Hold off Against Venari Knifer One-on-One into Round 3. Mainwhile, Undead Badger's Shield has been destroyed with Throns Attack from Venari Knifer. Khmer Princess is Elimated early in Round 2, So I only have to Worry about One Monster



Undead Badger keeps striking Venari Knifer and Manages to scale through into Round 4 despite the Throns attacks. Life Sapper keeps holding the Frontline Recieving Damage but Gaining Life with Each Hit.



Undead Badger's run Finally comes to an end, with his Help, Venari Knifer's health is down to just 2.



Life Sapper Further Reduces Venari Knifer's health to 1, before being Eliminated too. Now, all hopes of Winning this Battle rests on Curved Slimeball and Carrion Shade. 2 Very Slow Monsters, against a Very Fast one.


Last Rounds:

Carrion Shade Faces Venari Knifer first but it's Speed doesn't do it much good and He Misses his hit a Few Times until Venari Knifer Deals the Final Blow.

Cursed Slimeball Goes Next, Misses Once, but On his Second Trial - Successfully Hits Venari Knifer with just One Health, Unfortunately, It's Thorn Ability Get's Activated, and Kills Cursed Slimeball on the Process.


AND, The Battle is Ended with a Draw!. I Wouldn't have thought that Such Low-Stat Monster could Stand up Against a Magic Attack Monster and Venari Knifer, But They Pulled it Off Very Well.

I Was Amused with this Battle and Will Try to Play Similar Kinds of Battles and Maybe Utilise Low Mana Cap Monsters even in High Mana Battles to Stun Enemies.

I was Happy in the Choice of Summorner Drake of Arnak which Provided +1 Shield to my Monsters which was the Major Strategy that Extended their lives and Gave me a Fighting chance!.

Click Here, to See the Whole Battle

What do You think about my Battle?

What are your Opinions on Gem Meteor, Did it Work for you?


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