How to ALWAYS win Under 15 Mana Cap Battles in Splinterlands

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It is after all a New Season in Splinterlands Bi-Weekly Competition, so like every player, I'm looking at how I can improve my winnings, earnings, and statistics from the previous season. I didn't do too badly, but from my recent analysis, I discovered that I always Lose more Under-15 Mana Cap Batlltes than any other.

So I decided to take one full day, exhaust my Capture Rate and Explore to Figure Out a Solution to this Grave Problem, In this Post, I'm discussing my Findings with you!

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Note that my Analysis is Based Off Base Cards Available to All Players Since I'm Competition in Bronzed III Ranked.

Low Mana Cap Battles are Frustrating

Get this- Playing Low Mana Cap Battles is frustrating, What's more, Winning them can be Thoroughly Difficult and Is Based Entirely on Chance IMO.

The Funny Part is That - I'm Not At All Bad at Playing Splinterlands since I Win Almost ALL High Mana Battles, So What's Causing me to Lose Low Mana Cap Battles? I Figured that it's Because it Becomes Harder for me to Go Aggressive!

If You're Anything like me, You Love to Go Aggressive in Battles, Deploying your Strongest Monster Formations, Monster Lineup that cannot Just Lose, Under NO Circumstance (in other words, OVERKILL!), BUT when it comes down to being sneaky, or cunning which mind you, Is what Low Mana Cap Battles Demands, You Freak Out!

Before we Dive into Some Solutions to this Issue that I've Mapped Out Starting Off this New Season, Let me Take a Close Dip at Why Low Mana Battles are so Difficult to Win:

  • In High Mana Battles, It's Easier to Take a Look at Your Opponents Previous Elemental Choice in Battles and Deploy a Stronger Monster Lineup either in the Same Element or a Different One.

    You're Always thinking, Let me Go as Hard as I Can with More Mana Cap Available to You. Without a doubt, Your Opponent is probably Thinking the Same thing, BUT What I've found out is that - My Entire Battle Makeup as a Player is Superior in High Mana Battles Over Low Mana Battles.

    This Being the Case, We could Also conclude that Some Folks are ACTUALLY Superior in Low Mana Battles and Prefers those.

  • Another thing that Makes Low Mana Battles Frustrating for the Lot of Us is that, We can Almost Never Get the Right Combination of Monsters to Deploy - WHY? Well, Your Mana Get's Used Up Pretty Quickly.

    This is Where I Mention that - I Absolutely HATE Lining up Quantity over Quality Monsters, I'd Almost Always line Up a Few Monsters that I can Trust and This is what keeps making me Fail it seems.

    With an Opponent that has a better strategy, I Don't Have many Monsters to Feel the Void and Get's Eliminated in a Few Rounds. Many Plyers I Meet do the Opposite and Line up Many Monsters, but I just can't Bring Myself do this - The Solutions I've Devised Checks this problem though.

  • Lastly, to Make the Above Point Clearer, - We All Know that a Good Line Up in Battle Requires you to Provide for FrontLine, Last Man Target, Mid Section Targets, and So on. Well, Low Mana Cap Battles make finding the right balance for this extra difficult and maybe that's why the best of us cannot ace this all the time.


Some Sneaky Solutions I found Out

Direct Solutions to Start Winning More Low Mana Cap Battles in Splinterlands;

Solution One - Winner Takes it ALL:

Don't Hold too Much on the Sub-Heading, but What I Mean by this is Very Simple, I Started to Recognise the Winning Teams In ALL Low Mana Cap Battles that I Played and Lost and Deployed that Same team in a Similar Scenario.

This Tells You that, Whenever I Lose To An Opponent in an Under-15 Mana Cap Battle, I Register in My Mind (Although I Use A Digital Note to Study it First) the Team That Defeated Me.

This is a NO Fail Way that Would Continuously Improve my Win Rate with Time, Practice, and A Little Understanding. Why Do I Say this?;

Well, the first thing that comes to Mind with this Solution is that - What If I Use that Winning Team Against a New Opponent, But I Also End Up Losing This Would Immediately Fill my mind with doubt, and I would start Second-guessing the Reliability of this Method.

This ofcourse Happened to me the Moment I tried this Strategy, and What I Calculated was this - I will Use the Winning Teams of Monsters Against The Same Elemental of the Losing team.

For Example;

  • I play a 12 Mana Cap Battle Using The Earth Elemental Against an Opponent with Death Elemental

  • I was Defeated

  • I took Note of the Winning Death Team

  • In a New Low Mana Cap Battle, I chose to Deploy this Team but Against an Earth Elemental Team.

  • If I meet with a Higher Mana Cap Battle, I could Line Up Additional Monster - Practice and General Understanding is Needed Here

  • I cannot be 100% Sure of My Opponent Choosing the right Elemental, but from his Previous Battles, I can assess a Close relationship

  • 80% of the time, I've Found that Some Elementals are Generally Superior to Others in Similar Mana Cap Battles, so this Solution Holds some Proof of it.

Ever Since I Started Using this Strategy, I Spend More time Battling (Notings and Studying), But My Win rate in Low Mana Cap Battles Has Increased by about 2X. I'm Still Accessing the Reliability of this Solution as the week rolls out. I'm also Using this Strategy in Combination with Another Solution, Let's Look at it next


Solution Two, Slow and Steady - Wins the Battle;

Again Pay no Attention to The Sub Heading (I'm just Catching Fun in my Own Way). Solution Two is More Slow Paced and Personal than Solution One, and This Involves Calculating Your Battles Before Hand.

This will Probably Make You Feel Like a Novice, But then If You Started Playing Splinterlands Less than 6 Months, I Think It's not a bad thing Considering there are So Many Monsters than We can Count, and Soon Enough, You'll Get to the Stage where you Master Majority of them. This Solution Helps you do just that.

It's More FUN Though, because You're Analysing Your Next Battle Strategy Right Before You Play it. Rather than Improvising Your Monster/ Summoner Line up in Low Mana Battles, Calculating them Beforehand Helps You Make Controlled, Strategic Choices.

This Solution Doesn't Necessarily take into Account Your Opponent Previous Games But It Gives u an Edge for Lining Up Really Great Teams that can Overthrow Your Opponents.

Many people don't do this and plan Out their Games Immediately, Because it is Faster, But Maybe that's why they Also Lose More.


Summary - Sharing is Caring

LOL, All My SubHeadings have been Jinxed Today But You get the Drift.

This is simply a Composed Post coming from a Splinterlands Gamer that has Had enough of Losing More Low Mana Cap Battle and Is Extending some Solutions which has Improved my Game to YOU. I hope it helps you in One or Two Ways, Including Drawing Further Insight from it.

I just really Hated the Fact that I Get a Few Win Streaks with High Mana Cap Battles, but get's Paid Back Each and Every time with Low Mana Cap Battles. It has made me Move Slower and Throttle Gathering my SP Points Rate.

I Hope this Solution Keeps Working for me, and I'm looking forward to give more updates by the End of this Season.


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Your Gamer & Builder,

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