Splinterlands Art Contest (Week 215): A Maniacal Mole Chemist

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Welcome to Splinterlands Weekly Art Contest, where I'm exploring the Power of AI Art Generation by re-creating Splinterlands Monsters. The Splendid thing About AI-Art is that it keeps getting more Intelligent, Capable, and Feature-Rich every single Day.

Today, I'm Experimenting with the Power of Mid Journey v4 Art Generation Tool so Let's Get Started.

I was Inspired by a Post from Last Week's Art Contest(which I've failed to Locate), Where The Artist Created a Scientific-Design of a Splinterlands Monster.

So, Looking through the Various Cards for this Weeks Art design, I decided to attempt an artwork of Scavo Chemist, which is in line with the Scientific Vibe

Scavo Chemist_Card.png

Lore: The Realm of Silence lies deep beneath Praetoria. It is home to many creatures who live there all their lives. One such culture is the Scavo. This mole species became corrupted by the toxic gas in the volcano. They became highly intelligent and discovered ways to reduce the impact of the blight on animals and people. The most astute of them became chemists and learned how to create cures and bottle the gas to either help their allies or weaken their opponents.

Description: Scavo Chemist is a Fire Element Monster who is also a Species from an Advanced Sort of Moles who Are Chemists and Produce special Gases/equipment to Aid their Friends in Battle.

AI Generated Art of Scavo Chemist

For this experiment, I will be Creating a Similar Image of Scavo Chemist to Depict His Persona, Including Action, clothing, and appearance.


So I Started By Figuring Out the Kind of Animal Scavo Chemist Was, His Long Snout Nose gave it Away. Initially, I wanted to settle with Shrews (Since they have a Longer Nose than Regular Moles), But this will probably confuse the AI Model, so I Just Went With Good-ole Moles.

My First Prompt for the Generation was:

hyper-realistic oil painting of a chemist mole, in a laboratory, standing upright, mixing chemicals, with reaction smokes, by greg rutkowski --v 4

This is a Standard Type of Prompt that I Use with the MidJourney AI Model (with the inclusion of hyper-realistic, --v4, oil painting and by greg rutkowski to generate Good Looking Artwork every single time.

My First Image was:



This First Image is Obviously NOT what I Wanted, Many Irregularities that do not fit into the Persona of Scavo Chemist, such as - The Mole Color, The Mole Clothing, The Mole Background, and the General Atmosphere.

My Second Prompt for the Generation was:

hyper realistic oil painting of a crazy chemist mole, in a laboratory, standing upright, mixing chemicals, wearing white lab coat, googles, with reaction smokes, by greg rutkowski --v 4

My Second Image was:



This Second Image is Again, NOT what I wanted, It Closely fits into the Features of Scavo Chemist - Such as the Googles, White Lab Coat, Laboratory Vibe - BUT it does Seem In accurate in a Few Places.**.

My Final Generation was:

hyper realistic oil painting of a small crazy brown chemist mole, in a laboratory, standing upright, mixing chemicals, wearing white lab coat, green googles, with reaction smokes, by greg rutkowski --v 4

Annd, This is What I Got


This artwork has been upscaled


This Last Image is the Best, It Matches All the Features of Scavo Chemist - From Green Googles, to Brown Skin, to Lab Coat, and Mixing Chemicals. It Fits Snugly and I'm Happy with the Realism.

And This Last Piece, is My Entry for Splinterlands Art Contest Week 215. ✔

Thanks for Reading this Post and Since I'm excited to Keep learning the twists and features of Generating Beautiful Pieces of Artwork with AI, I'm Looking forward to Your Thoughts on these.

What Would You Like to See me Try Out Next?


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Your Gamer & Builder,

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He (it) looks really cool, nice job!

Thanks,, happy to hear you think so! ✨

Thanks,, happy to hear you think so! ✨

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Thanks for sharing! - castleberry#6859

One of the non-AI generated looking AI generated art that I've seen. 😊

Lol,, Thanks. I REALLY thought it Came Out Like that, It just looks so normal - not fancy, but accurate too. 👌