Splinterlands Art Contest Week 216: Goblin Psychic AT Hogwarts School

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Welcome to my Splinterlands Weekly Art Contest, Where I Experiment every Week with AI Generation Models. For the Past Two Weeks, I've been Exploring Using Mid Journey AI Art Tool to Create Splinterlands Monster Images. I'm looking forward to the Kinds of Images I'm able to Generate Today and I Hope you Read on to Find Out!.

What will I be Creating?

Our Theme Monster that I'll be Recreating this Week is the Epic Goblin Psychic (although it's not an epic monster, but common).

Goblin Psychic (1).png


The Magi Tower is where Goblins go to learn how to use psychic abilities. It isn't just a gift Goblins can learn, but due to the proximity of Gobson, Goblins tend to show up more frequently. The Magi who calls the tower home enjoys teaching the art of using one's mind to move objects and read thoughts. Goblin Psychics use their abilities to perform work in Gobson or become adventurers and practice to become a full-fledged Summoner.

image (1).png

Ever since the past week, I've been using Goblin Psychic in Most of my Battles including for Share Your Weekly Battle Post, and He has been Excellent. Goblin Psychic is a Unique Monster that is Largely Effective in Battle, In the Earth Elemental, He helps to Heal Frontline Monsters while Also Making Sure to Deal Substantial Damages with +2 Magic Attack.

I've Been Having Fun with him, and I Would Honour him this Week by Creating an AI Artwork Around him, furthermore, Goblin Psychic is also a General Idea that I'm Sure Our AI Model at Mid Journey can Handle Well, so I've got high Expectations.

A Fun Twist

So Along the Lines of the Ability of Goblin Psychic, I thought - Why not Make him Into a summoner/Magic Student at the Great Hogwarts from the Harry Porter Series?. His Healing Abilities resonate Greatly with Our Familiar Series so I'm Excited to see what the AI Art Tool Produces about Hogwarts.

So Yeah, Imagine that Goblin Psychic is a Student at Hogwarts, where All Sorts of Creatures are Schooled Together with Humans, Let's take an Opening into Goblin Psychic @ Hogwarts.

image (1).png

AI Generated Art of Goblin Psychic

The First thing I Considered was the Kind of Scene I would create While Preserving Both the Personalities of the Goblin Psychic and a Strong Way to depict the Environment (i.e, Hogwarts)


My First Prompt for the Generation was:

hyper realistic oil painting of a goblin psychic, looking crafty, in purple arabian robes, practicing healing powers, with flashy rings and necklace, inside Hogwarts school, by greg rutkowski --v 4

This is a Standard Type of Prompt that I Use with the MidJourney AI Model (with the inclusion of hyper-realistic, --v4, oil painting and by greg rutkowski to generate Good Looking Artwork every single time.

My First Image was:



This First Image is Clearly Not What we want, there are a lot of Incorrect Details Concerning Our Character: Such as the Purple Skin, The Wrinkled and Skinny Skin, The Old Age, and No Visible Magic Powers at Work to Suggest Healing Powers. The Necklace is Shining though.

My Second Prompt for the Generation was:

hyper realistic oil painting of a chubby green goblin psychic, looking crafty, in blue arabian robes, practicing healing powers, with flashy rings and necklace, inside Hogwarts school, by greg rutkowski --v 4

My Second Image was:



This Image Greatly Resembles Our Chubby Goblin Psychic, with His Small Arabian Shaped Cap, Crafty Eyes, His Blue Extravagant Robes, With Hogwarts High Halls in the Background, and Finally Magic Powers at Work.

My Final Generation was:

hyper realistic oil painting of a chubby green goblin psychic, mid thirties, in blue arabian robes, with flashy rings and necklace, standing by a whomping willow tree, night time, moon light, by greg rutkowski --v 4

Annd, Our Twist Well Incorporated (Our Goblin Psychic with Whomping Willow)

Our Second Image is Almost Perfect, High Quality, and Very Realistic - But to Further Depict the Environment of Hogwarts**, I Decided to Bring a Very Popular Scene from Hogwarts into the Picture - Whomping Willow Tree.


And This Last Piece, is My Entry for Splinterlands Art Contest Week 216. ✔

Thanks for Reading this Post and Since I'm excited to Keep learning the twists and features of Generating Beautiful Pieces of Artwork with AI, I'm Looking forward to Your Thoughts on these.

Which Splinterlands Monster Would You Like to See me Create Next?


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Your Gamer & Builder,

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All images are good. But the last image seems to me the best of all.

I've to agree with you, absolutely stunning with character I think. 👌

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This image is amazing, have you got the progress how you made it?

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