Splinterlands Share. Your. Battle Challenge [with "DiemonShark" - Monster of the Air, Ground, and Sea]

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Hi Guys, welcome to Another Edition of Share Your Battle Challenge, where I'm Battling this Week's Theme Monster, DiemonShark. In this post, I'll delve deeply into the Core Abilities of this Monster, What Makes it Special, and Highlight My Battle With it, I will further share some Success and Failure Strategies to Note when using Diemonshark.

My main goal for this post is to Understand Diemonshark Monster so Well that I can Instinctively Use him where he provides the best Advantage for Success. Will we Discover Any New Strategies by doing this? That's what I hope to find Out. Let's Begin;

Share Your Battle - Diemonshark.png

What Makes DiemonSkark Unique

Diemonshark, Monster of the Air, Ground, and Water. Its name is well Deserving of its ability and Its Stats make him a very Dependable Monster. Let's go Over it Breifly;

Starting from Battle Mana;

DiemonShark Expends 8 Mana Energy during Battle and this means that it's a High-tier Expensive in playing Battles. The majority of the Monsters in Splinterlands lie between 3 - 7 Energy, so Diemon Shark has to be Played Strategically and in High Mana Cap Battles.

I actually Love High Mana Missions because they give you the Best Chance to go Aggressive and get Urself some Sweet Wins, I find that I'm more cautious in Low Mana Battles, Strategizing, and Over Planning. Diemonshark is One such Monster that I Appreciate for the fact that I can show my True Aggressive Nature In Battles.

It would generally be best then to Use DiemonShark in High Mana over Low Mana Battles, even if you believe you can Complete your team with some Low-Cost Mana Monsters, WHY? Because A Cooperative team is better than an out-of-place team. Expending a lot of Mana on Just one Monster can make your team lacking in other positions.

Melee & Speed;

A really Strong Combination - DiemonShark possesses 2 Melee Attack Power and 4 Freaking Speed. That tells us that, he's Average in Dealing Hits BUT will Deal them much faster than Your Opponent in One-on-One Situations OR Where Speed Is Calculated. I personally Love Monsters that are Fast. WHY? There's Nothing Worse than Deploying a Powerful Monster that Doesn't move fast and Deal Hits, only for your Opponent's Weaker but faster Monsters, destroy your Powerful Monster. It's Exasperating to Watch.

So we can see that Diemonshark is a Powerful Attacking Monster Due to its Battle stats, But there is one point that really makes him Stand Out. This is where I Introduce the two Elements that are Essential to Support Your Monster Battle Stats - The Special Ability, and Summoners.

Special Ability:

Trample: When a Monster with Trample hits and kills its target, it will perform another attack on the next monster on the Enemy Team.

Well, this just Became More Interesting, Because Diemonshark's rather average Melee Stat(of 2) can be doubled when he kills an Enemy Monster. Diemonshark already possesses an advantage in his Speed, which is more destructive by dealing consecutive blows on Kill. What I'm thinking right now, Is there's a way to time my Attacks so Diemonshark deals the final blow on an Enemy Monster and activates his Special Ability, Trample?


Diemonshark Belongs to the Chaos of legion Edition and I don't know about you but I feel Comfortable Deploying Monsters in Similar Editions. For my case, I find that the Summoner, Kelyar Frendul from Chaos of Legion Water Element complements Diemonshark Perfectly and makes him more Outstanding.

Kelyar Frendul.png

This Summoner gives Diemonshark +1 Extra Speed when deployed for Battle, and it might seem almost unnecessary because of Diemonshark's already superior speed stat(of 4), but this could be decisive to your Success or Failure in a Typical Battle as is most often the case. After all, The higher your Monster's Speed, the more likely Your Are to Deal Attacks Faster.

Again, I will most probably Deploy Kelyar Frendul with Diemonshark, IF it also Bumps up Speed on my Remaining Monsters.

Now that We've Gone over these Few Points of What Makes Diemonshark Special, Let's Take a Look at the Best Ways I will Deploy Diemonshark in Battle to Increase my Chances of Success.

What Kind of Elemental Pair is Diemonshark Best Against

Against Fire - I will readily deploy Diemonshark against a Fire Team Because he possesses a strong Shield Stat (of 6) AND Most Fire Monsters have their Advantage in Melee. Diemonshark can withstand a Fire Team, and with a Summoner like Kelya Frendul, Diemonshark's Shield Stats can be bumped up to 7

Against Water- Likely Not, Water teams come with Mostly Monsters with Magic that can Penetrate Diemonshark's Shield and knocking off his main support grounds. With Multiple Monsters dealing with Magic, Diemonshark will not be able to stand for long.

Against Earth - Earth is always a Decisive Team, you never know how it's gonna Turn out. Earth also has a mixture of Monsters with Magic, Melee, and even Snipe, which is hard to tell what your opponent will choose. In Earth's case, I will focus on the Health and Shield(Because many Earth Monsters are strong in this Stats), and back up Diemonshark with Magic Monsters.

Against ALL Elements - In general, I will put it down to this - Diemonshark is strong when his up against Elements with Monsters that have Melee over Magic. The Summoner you Deploy Diemonshark with can also be Decisive to Bump Strategix Values in your Enemies team.

Monster in Battle & My Strategy

Battle Details: I used Diemonshark in a Battle with a 24 Mana Cap, No Match Modifications, and Against a Fire Elemental Opponent. My Strategy Worked Quite Well, although I came out with a Loss of Two Monsters. Because of the Low Mana Cap though, I Deployed just 4 Monsters in my Team. Let's check out the Lineup.

My Battle Line-up: For this Battle, I Deployed Summoner Kelya Frendul along with THREE Monsters from the Chaos of Legion Edition (Diemonshark, Kulu Swimhunter, Merdaali Guardian), and One Monster from Untamed Edition (Sniping Narwhal).

Battle_Lineup - Share Your Battle (Diemonshark).png

My Battle Strategy: My Strategy for this Battle was pretty Straightforward, I had Evidence from My Opponent's Previous Battle that Fire Elemental was a very Likely Choice, so I was Going to Match his Aggressiveness.

  • First- Kelya Frendul supplied all my Monsters with +1 Shield, in this case, the Melee Attackers on my Opponent's Team will Pass One Round without Attacking the Health of my Monsters, this Gives me an Edge as Diemonshark is already at Work.

  • Secondly- I kept Diemonshark at the First Position because he has Sufficient Health and Shield stat to Take Many Hits and Hold up the Front Attack Well. This Worked Perfectly, In fact, I didn't take too many Hits as Diemonshark Evaded Some of them.

  • Thirdly- Sinping Narwhal Takes up the Rear Position, his Job was Very Simple- He would Snipe out Monsters that are not in the First Position with his +2 Snipe Stats. This went Very Well, and I was able to Eliminate 3 Monsters with its Help.

  • Lastly- My Strategy on Merdaali Guardian did not go very well. This Monster was Deployed to Support Diemonshark in case the Blows came on too Fast by Restoring a Portion of Diemonshark's Health Each Round, but as you will see, She didn't make it past Round 2. Disappointing, but Now I know what to Do Better in my Next Battle. I will Either Keep Merdaali Guardian in the Second to Last Position Or replace it with a Monster with Extra Shield Stats.



I think that I've come to really love Diemonshark, it's one of those very capable and dependable Monsters that can be fine-tuned with a Cool Lineup and a Strategic Summoner to bring out its best, and in turn, High Win-rate Capability.

I'm not a huge fan of Water Elemental, and never have been, but with Diemonshark, I will most probably start to play this more. Can you blame me? I just really love winning all my battles, at least, a High win-rate ratio is what I care about, and I'm starting to think that Dieomnshark gives me just this!

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