Splinterlands - Few Chaos Legion Packs Opening and Cards I Got Including A Legendary Summoner

Hello Friends,


I am sure all the Splinterlands battlers hearts will be at Vegas for ongoing Splinterfest and I am no different either.
It's been a chance to meet and greet the creators of the game and also a chance to meet great battlers, but, yes, BUT, not all can make it and I am one among those not all due to work commitments and I am happy to be battling as and when time permits and listen to the people what they say from Vegas!!!
Well, it was a week of MORE corporate work and less Splinterlands battles for me, but, as I have been blogging regularly (with One blog per week!!!), I could afford few Chaos Legion packs and here I am sharing the details of cards I got with 3 Legendary cards from 10 packs I opened including a Legendary Conqueror Jacek!!!

So, let's go with the details.



The First set of cards itself has the legendary summoner I mentioned above and I am yet to max it out, so, I will be keen to buy few more packs and try my luck with this summoner again as I need 2 more cards to max it out!!!

The other cards from this set, as we can see above, an epic Insidious Warlock and other cards which are either rare or common.



That wasn't the only legendary card I got as I was bit lucky to get 3 legendaries from 10 packs with couple more as shown in above screenshot!!!

Yes, there was that Chaos Dragon and the ever awesome Carnage Titan to complete those list of legendary cards I got.

Apart from that, there was that summoner Tarsa, an epic Weirding Warrior and another summoner Obsidian as prominent ones from that list of cards from this set.



No legendaries in this set, but, there are quite a good ones from other category like 3 General Sloan summoners, an epic taunting Wave Brood, couple of healing Xenith Monk and other Ones as we see from above pic.

There is that gold foiled Sunkai Harvester too.



Lastly, these are the few more cards I got as seen above!!!

A gold foiled Mycelic Infantry is the highlight and that Water splinter summoner Kelya Frendul is not less too and I am always a big fan of the Deep Lurker as well with One of those I got again.


Overall, it was a good set of cards and those legendary ones will always add more weight and as I mentioned, couple more Conqueror Jacek will help me max out the summoner and that should be an awesome One to utilize the good set of Fire splinter monsters I have.


I am hoping that, you are enjoying your weekend and I am in relaxed mode as it's couple of much needed off days for me (off from work :) ) and that gave a chance to come up with this blog!!!

Thanks and have a wonderful weekend and keep listening to Vegas and Splinterfest while you keep battling those Splinterlands battles :)

Thanks and Have a good day :)


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Great pulls. Unfortunately no GF's but still great cards!

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Yep, not getting GFL was a disappointment, but, afterall it was just 10 packs I opened :).

Thanks, have a great weekend my friend.

Thanks for sharing! - @alokkumar121