Splinterlands - SHARE YOUR BATTLE Challenge - Theme: Dragons

Hello Friends,



It was a busy Saturday for me with household work, speaking to kids, playing Splinterlands battles, opening few Riftwatchers packs as well and today, the Sunday is just rest day with solely working on Hive blogging and Splinterlands battles!!!

Since the Weekly challenge of SHARE YOUR BATTLE is gonna be reaching deadline by tomorrow, thought of writing about and the theme is one more time, the Dragons!!!

Nowadays, Dragons has become my weak splinter as I couldn't max out the Quix The Devious yet and have to buy few more packs soon in quest of maxing it out!!

Here is my answer to the weekly challenge and you will see most of the monsters being new thanks to Riftwatchers and Chaos Legion editions.


Dragons has more better monsters off late with the addition of monsters like Chaos Dragon, Lira The Dark, Carnage Titan and all and it's a pleasure playing with those!!!


Battle and Lineup:



For this battle, there was a MANA cap of 60 and rule sets of healed out and keep your distance meaning no healing and only ranged and magic monsters allowed to be used in the battle!!!

Keeping the rule sets and the huge MANA cap in mind, I selected a lineup I felt good enough to take on magic and ranged attack with the summoner I used, ensuring that, the ranged attack will be -1.


1. Lord Arianthus:

The magic monsters and even ranged attack ones will have a disadvantage with this monster having void and shield abilities and takes 1 less damage and hence, I thought of using it upfront.

2. Djinn Muirat:

With magic reflect and giant killer on, this has to be one of the best options I felt to be used and it didn't disappoint me as it helped in taking out couple of monster because of giant killer ability.

3. Chaos Dragon:

With it's scattered shot and blast abilities, this will be one of the most used monsters whenever we go with Dragon splinter and it also makes the monsters blind and reduces the monsters I have used missing out on few attacks from opponent's monsters.

4. Fire Spitter:

Being a flying monster it rarely missed attacking and with it's nice speed it's among the First few to attack!!!

5. Lira The Dark:

I always like to use it for opportunity and swift ability it has got.

It can even remove the flying ability and is particularly useful with earthquake rule set.

6. Runic Skyclaw:

This Riftwatchers edition monster was used by me for the First time and it proved to be a good addition to the lineup as it has got 7 speed and 4 snipe attack.

Opponent used Fire splinter with monsters Lord Arianthus, Prismatic Energy, Lava Launcher, Elemental Phoenix, Ettin Spearman and Countess Sinash.



Here I share few snaps from the battle as and when there was a casualty on the either side and I am sure you will love this battle!!!










The flying monsters were a good addition to my lineup as some of those attacks from other side got missed and it was always gonna be a tough task for opponent once his magic monsters got removed.


Questions and Answers:

Did my strategy work? What will I try differently next time?

Well, usage of Quix The Devious instead of my usual Dragons summoner of Daria Dragonscale was the turning point is what I feel as opponent had 3 ranged attack monsters and -1 for those means, I always had a bit of advantage!!!!

Also, not to forget the swiftness* provided by Lira The Dark to give that additional advantage of attacking early.

Do I like DRAGONS? Why or why not?

Dragons are always my favorite splinter with Earth splinters monsters I use in combination with those from Dragons and combination of Dragon Jumper and Screeching Vulture combining well to give me many wins earlier during my early days of Splinterlands.

Now, there are more better monsters like Carnage Titan, Chaos Dragon and except for my lower leveled Quix The Devious, I always love to use Dragons.


That was a refreshing battle for me as I don't use Quix The Devious quite often ans Daria Dragonscale still remaining as my favorite Dragons summoner.

Hopefully, I can max out the Quix The Devious soon and use it in more and more battles!!!

I am just hoping you are all enjoying the Sunday and taking that much needed rest from your busy schedules :)

Until the next One, take care and happy battling :)

Thanks and Have a good day :)


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Quix The Devious is really a good summoner because speed is a major winning factor for any battle.

It was a great battle to watch.

Thank you, Quix The Devious can even counter the Selenia sky and Yodin Zaku with it's -1 ranged attack on opponent's monsters.

Thanks for stopping by, have a great Dussera :)

Thanks for sharing! - @alokkumar121