Splinterlands - SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge - Theme: Pelacor Arbalest

Hello Friends,



How are you all doing? Enjoying the weekend? I am sure most of you have tuned in to HiveFest and following it eagerly.

Well, I am not that fortunate as the things keep coming my way and these are some of the busiest days of my life with my professional work going on in full swing.

And whenever I get some time over the weekend, I always try to bring out a Hive blog with Splinterlands battles or packs opening details :).

Here I am bringing out this blog with another SHARE YOUR BATTLE challenge is round the corner and my reply is this one with this week's monster being Pelacor Arbalest from Life splinter.


Pelacor Arbalest is the rare Life Splinter monster from Chaos Legion edition and it's a ranged attack monster with double attack and also being a flying monster, can evade few attacks!!!!




As we can see from above screenshot, this monster starts with 2 attack, 2 speed and 2 health, but, as it moves up in level, it keeps getting better.

The ranged attack can be a max of 3 and with double attack, it can be a max of 6 per round.

The speed can also be a max of 3 while the health can be a max of 5 when it's leveled up to level 8.

And as we discussed above, it has 2 abilities viz. double strike and flying and both makes it more powerful and must use whenever we use General Sloan as summoner.


Battle and Lineup:



Well, this battle was with enough MANA cap of 48 to accommodate some of the most sought after monsters as I share the details below and this battle had 2 rule sets of Heavy hitters and Earthquake and that made me to use most of the flying monsters including the theme monster of Pelacor Arbalest.


1. Uriel The Purifier:

Used this flying monster to counter the earthquake rule set and other reasons for using this were, it has that healing ability and can attack with 3 times the normal attack in alternate rounds and has huge number of armors to survive the attacks from melee and ranged attack monsters.

2. Silvershield Bard:

Since this battle has the heavy hitters rule set, I thought of using this to save Uriel The Purifier from getting stunned and wiped out and this was useful to remove the stunning once or twice.

3. High Priest Darius:

Used this and Adelade Brightwing because of the resurrect abilities these induce besides giving those vaulable magic attack.

4. Adelade Brightwing:

Resurrect and repair abilities it gives makes it a must to use and this even gives 2 magic attack.

5. Pelacor Arbalest:

Here comes the theme monster for this week and this is another go to man with 2 * 3 ranged attack it gives which, some times wipes out a monster!!!!

6. Silvershield Sheriff:

Lastly, I used this Silvershield Sheriff to add some armors besides utilizing it's sniped ranged attack of 4 with piercing thru the armors.

Opponent used Life Splinter too with his summoner being Tyrus Paladium and monsters were Uriel The Purifier, Bila The Radiant, Adelade Brightwing, Pelacor Arbalest, Thunderbird and Prismologist



Opponent's lineup was half identical to what I used with Uriel The Purifier, Adelade Brightwing and Pelacor Arbalest present on both side and the battle went on as I share few of the screenshots below:










Questions and Answers:

Did my strategy work? What will I try differently next time?

Well the strategy was good with all my monsters returning safely after wiping out all the monsters on the other side as we can see.

The usage of Silvershield Sheriff was I think the turning point for me and not to forget the cleansing from Silvershield Bard.

Do I like PELACOR ARBALEST? Why or why not?

I like it a lot and use it most of the ties whenever it is available for usage in a battle. The double strike is the highlight of this monster.


That's all friends I wanted to share in this blog. It's been a long time since I last blogged and I am anticipating to come up with another blog as I am planning to purchase few packs and there might be another blog on my reputation will most probably 72 when I publish this blog :)

Thanks and Have a good day :)


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Thanks for sharing! - @alokkumar121

Thank you @alokkumar121 and @splinterlands, always appreciate it.

The battle was awesome and you wrote nicely there.
It would be better if you could write a bit more about your thoughts on the Pelacor Arbalest.
Have my upvote.