Finally, Nice Gold Foiled Card - Splinterlands Untamed Packs Opening and Giveaway #31

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Welcome to the newest Splinterlands Untamed Packs opening video! If you have watched my previous openings, you probably know that there is also a giveaway inside this video...

Okay, as there are no more Essence Orbs in the game, occasionally I do get Untamed Packs inside my daily rewards chests, which is a great thing to see... So, I have decided to do these videos whenever I have accumulated 2 packs... I hope that it will happen at least once per two weeks, or less, but we will see...

Today, I have opened 2 packs and got one great gold foiled card, and a couple of other very useful ones...

Also, you will find a question inside the video... Answer on that easy question inside the comment section and be eligible for the giveaway... The lucky winner will be drawn in the next opening video...

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Splinterlands Untamed Packs Opening 31.png


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Congrats for your gf card... my favorites tank in fire is living lava. Shield is hard to broke...

That is a tough question!
I would have to say Serpent of the flame as fire tank.
Plus he can be buffed and often times the enemy will miss.

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