Weekly Challenge - Hero of the Beyond

in Splinterlandslast year

Hero of Beyond smaller.jpg

Card details:

hero stats.png

He starts with close range and with his massive health pool and armor makes him a great secondary tank or snipe target.

He gets last stand at level 3 which makes he great in lower mana battles or on the tail end of a team.

Finally at level 5 he gets a shield. This just makes him even meatier to tank with.

He grows from 2 ranged attack initially to 3 ranged at maxed level. Coupled with Gen. Sloan he gets even more powerful. He gets an extra armor at level 2 and an additional health at level 4.

Mine is level 2 so I get an extra armor, which is minimal.

Pros and cons

Good tank
Teams well with CL summoner
Gets last stand at silver league

Is vulnerable to magic spam
Not available to little league
Is expensive


Take a look!

Round 1

Felt confident when I saw his line up. Not a lot of damage output on his end compared to mine and only the Onshannus to tank through. It was a blast ruleset and I make a lineup to be able to survive that fact.
rd 1.png

Round 2

As we can we I did a lot of damage to their tank and killed off the pixie behind it. I lost my chicken which was there to just take a blast hit. My main tank received a heal and my second tank is starting to take a little damage. I should be ready to start shredding his back line with the blast damage while my two tanks should be able to maintain their place.
rd 2.png

Round 3

Lots of misses last round (I hate speed), hopefully this round doesn't go so bad.
rd 3.png

Round 4

While the hero did die he was able to soak a lot of blast damage and keep the Arbalest alive to keep a high damage output. The heals kept the main tank up. Victory is within reach.
rd 4.png

A few rounds and it was a clean victory worth 5 DEC.

Take a ways

Gen Sloan, paired with any archery unit and a good tank, has a massive damage output. White also has an amazing secondary tank in Hero of Beyond and at higher levels Hero just gets stronger.


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