Using Renting to avoid Delegation Cooldowns - Potential Flaw in Splinterland Rental System

Ok first of all I am not writing this to encourage people to scam the system I more want to highlight its potential and hope it lands on the right ears. Also, people may be ok with this workaround but given the 7 day cooldown for delegations, I am going to assume not.

Ok first of all lets look at what Splinterland says about delegation and why it has cooldowns

Cooldown Period

When recently played cards have been transferred to a new owner or delegated to a new player, they cannot be used in battles for a period of 7 days since they were last played.

This is an important anti-abuse measure that prevents owners of multiple accounts from farming too many rewards with the same cards.

Ok so play a great card like Krom and get my quest rewards, I then want to send it my friend or alt account so they can rise up and finish the quest and then they send it back to me. But due to the 7 day cool down this is not going to work!

However in the new rental market we see a new feature

Rentals can be cancelled by either the card owner or the renter at any time, but the rental will not end until the next 24 hour period is complete, since the renter has already paid for that time.

Fees for rental market transactions will work exactly the same as for the sales market. The Splinterlands website will set a 5% fee, paid by the owner listing the card for rent, and the fee will be paid out daily to the market through which the card is rented while the rental is active

Please note that there will be no cooldown for cards that are delegated or undelegated via the new rental system

So this becomes the loophole, no cooldown in the new rental system, yes it is locked to the player for 24 hours but as quests stack you can still do both quests and pass it back and you can for sure make a season end run.

Ok so how would you do it? 2 options really

  1. If your cheap and don't want to pay much in 5% fees you set it at the min price of 0.1 DEC and be ready to rent it as soon as you post, the 5% is going to be tiny.

  2. Maybe bots are ready to swoop in on cheap rentals, ok you set the price above market and swoop in and rent it, yes you may pay a little in DEC but your going to make it back real quick.

Ok so what is the solution? Well the problem is that setting up even a 2 days cooldown could ruin the market as if I wanted to I could go and rent all of one type and they are then locked out. If this was to work then perhaps we would need to allow lenders to set a minimum rental time on thier rentals so they can weigh the risk /rewards.

The only other alterative I can think of is splinterland needs to watch for abuse its self, monitoring for excessive rentals to jsut one person that are short in duration.

I'm not really sure there is one, any ideas?


If the rental price is low it’s lenders choice. The no cool down is ideal as lenders can quickly lend out again after a day. While renters have more choices for rentals with waiting.

Having a cool down for rental was included originally in the game. Cool down was the same as delegating which is 7 days after use. The new system separates delegating card with 7 day cool down after use versus renting card with 24 hours cool down. The two are separate.

In the original rental system I had some renters who rent a card just for event and broke the contract. I lose 7 days of revenue as I can’t rent it out until cool down expires.

The minimum payment 0.1 dec is great because in the old system it was based on USD and at a minimum of 0.001 but payment was paid in either hive or hbd. When hive price was really low the minimum payment can’t break up into fee and what lender would receive so the whole amount turn to a fee and lender receive nothing from the rental.

I will admit nothing is perfect and that the rental system can have improvements. However it’s literally been years in the making.

Best of luck with your journey in Splinterlands and look forward to seeing you in the battlefield.




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As a renter; I rented out 1bcx Zakus for 25 DEC/day. Now the price is 200 dec/day. Without the 1-day cool down there is no way for the rental.

And I'm definitely not against the rental system, was more pointing out potentials for abuse.