Summary for Splinterlands AMA October 23rd 2020

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Read the summary below or watch the video above

  • there is no limit to how many lands a single player can own
  • there will be a limit of how many lands can be purchased in a single transaction - a player can only buy up to one region (or equivalent in name) in a single transaction
  • plots you buy in a single purchase transaction are guaranteed to be contiguous, but not plots from different purchase transactions
  • if you need help converting cryptocurrencies so you can have enough of either credit or DEC to make your transaction, the dev team encourages you to contact them. they will be able to help you
    the development team is trying to include as many ways as players have suggested to pool land together as guilds, etc
  • the visual map for coordinate representation won't be ready on release
  • players will be able to trade their praetorian title for 10 explorer titles they can then send to other players
  • you can spend either DEC or credits to make a purchase, but you cannot combine them for a single purchase. you have to hold enough of either before you buy. only the bulk package will get you the discount
  • make sure you try to get your credits ahead of time in case you're buying with PayPal because something might go wrong in your end due to credit line/location/PayPal account limitations
    affiliate payments will take into account land purchases. but like everything else, it does not apply to DEC purchases
  • land sale is accounted as Splinterlands fund raising. DEC spent for it will not be burnt. this is the opposite of orbs/dice, skins and guild stuff, which are burnt
  • read the posted FAQ for a lot more on lands
  • the team is still fleshing out details on land economy like up to how much in cards a land can use. nothing is final atm
  • next card edition is called Chaos Legion. its kickstarter might contain optional bundles with physical cards. untamed might be included. this is not associated with lands
  • the DEC liquidation bounty promotion tokens will be redeemable in the same way as website purchases, including the ability to request a preferred location
  • DEC generation for players might be lowering if you only consider the DEC pool for ranked matches, but it is stable if you take into account daily and season rewards combined with a lot of new players
  • the land management interface is planned to be easy to use even when managing lands in bulk, but it's still meant to be an activity at least a bit, not particularly 100% passive income
  • if you want to own land without ever managing it, it is suggested you consider hiring someone to do this for you. like a multi-store businesses
  • there are 13 types of land. in a bulk purchase, you are very likely to get at least one of each, but like in card packs, rarities may vary
  • two-factor authentication is not planned because key management already does it better for a decentralized blockchain application
  • player title benefits (such as Explorer and Praetorian) will have benefits, but they are still being designed along with land economy. they are designed to have different rarities, but their different might or might not be simply a multiplying factor (like 10x the benefit)
  • cosmetics like skins and guilds/guild tournaments are the new planned dec sinks
  • on the matter of all land getting bought by a single person, specially someone who is not a part of the community: the point of pre-sale is raising development funds. as long as it sells, it is a good thing, because that's what's needed to keep Splinterlands development fluid
  • if a player who owns lands loses access to their keys, their land will remain in their lost account
  • lawsuits against Splinterlands are believed to fail because the dev team believes in the competence of the law firm they've hired, which is specialized in blockchain legislation
  • totems will be permanent. each building with have at least one slot for a totem. there will be different totem rarities, but details are still being fleshed out with the game economy in mind
  • a land owner can speed up construction and item crafting by using dark energy crystals. DEC sink. but totems and items can do that too
  • workers (monsters allocated to lands) will provide bonuses for generic details (such as monster level), not card specific
  • monster essence types will be: common, rare, epic, legendary, gold foil. nothing will be splinter-specific
  • some lands will be granted bigger bonuses for a certain splinter. i.e. mountain gets more benefits from fire workers
  • maximizing land efficiency will take at least a bit of strategy, observation and resource management
  • items and spells are permanent, but take a lot of time to be produced and there is a cap to them. specific details have not been disclosed
  • visual representations of workers and other bonuses on land might be added on later updates
  • the only new information you are sure to get from the first land pre-sale to the second is how well it sold
  • there will be a total of 30 regions available for purchase in this pre-sale
  • if somebody buys only a single plot, its region cannot be purchased as a whole anymore. it is split into tracts. those tracts can still be purchased as a whole, except for the tract this single plot was purchased. additional single plot purchases will come from this split tract
  • if somebody or a group of people manages to buy all 10 regions (in 10 different purchases) before anyone else makes a purchase, regions will not be split. land will be sold out
  • if you get, say, 10 tracts instead of a whole region, those are 10 purchases. they will not be guaranteed to be next to each other. only purchasing a region would ensure that happens. splitting a region into tracts instead of claiming it as a whole region also breaks their location warranty. but if you redeem your region BEFORE you send it out to your group/pool/friends, land is not going to change places, so they will be contiguous, although randomness is lost so it'll be left to the purchaser to sort out how to distribute them
  • guild tournaments has entered the coding stage of development
  • as far as the new legendary is concerned, its last stand ability opens up new exciting strategies for comeback teams
  • Brave and Electroneum partnerships have increased the number of sign ups, which is absolutely fantastic. a much better % of new players are buying the spellbook and cards from the market. @yabapmatt is very happy with how alive the game feels in many different ways, even as far as tech support requests go
  • if you have created your hive blockchain account through the Splinterlands website and you lose your keys, devs can recover it for you. do not hesitate to ask. you can still take them away from Splinterlands by changing your recovery account and password if you want
  • next week's AMA will be at 7 pm UTC

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Wow, this was useful. Can you please send me a link on Discrod every time you summarize an AMA?

next card edition is called Chaos Legion.

Glad to know there's a next one coming~

Hey @felipejoys, wanted to contact you on Discord but it seems we're not on any shared server anymore. Sent you a friend request there.

Anyway, do you plan on taking part of Splinterlands Land presale? Seems that many people are interested in getting full regions, so they decided to sell 27 of them through a lottery system. Info here.

That leaves only 3000 plots when the pre-sale starts. I want to buy 1 or 2 plots. (Maybe a bit more.) I decided to look for a poll made by someone who wants to buy a full region and split it.

So, if you're planning take part but only buy a tact or less, I advice you to look for a poll too.

If you already know of any pool can you link me to them?