Exactly my question. Does this impact any splinterland NFT assets at all? I hope there will be some synergy between the two separate projects but that hasn't really been addressed.

I feel like the statement is saying games, not one game, more like a framework that can be used to build upon, although I have no clue how that will work exactly, hopefully tonight's AMA will give more clarity. In any case it is crazy news.

That would be very interesting.

At least there will be lots of free marketing for games.

  • marketing leads to more users
  • more buyers & demand
  • higher NFT prices :)

(1) SPS governance token for all games
(2) New games implement our SPL NFT's in game play

i would find it quite scandalous if they did not use the sps token for the new games!

by the way, are you guys about to release another update for PeakD? I am seeing some new things :)

Yeah huge set of upgrades was released yesterday. We are training some new writers and someone is working on the official @peakd announcement post to share all the updates.

I wouldn't mind some writing training and i have editorial experience too, so hit me up if i could be of use.

I think the Splinterlands Devs are on the right track. As to what track that is, I think they're seeking to be like of Riot's type of business, the main creator of League of Legends. Why do I make this comparison?

Before League, there was DOTA Defense of the Ancients map that was made for Warcraft 3. This is the start of Team MOBA games like League and DOTA 2. Warcraft's creator is Blizzard which is now on downfall while Riot, creator of League of Legends is on the rise. Riot's goal is to make multi-games surrounding around one universe/lore. Imagine MCU. Currently, they have League of Legends (MOBA), Legends of Runeterra (Card Game), two other games that I haven't played yet, Arcane (An anime), K/DA (Music video), and on the production, an MMORPG based on Arcane's Zaun city which is based on League of Legends Lore.

TLDR: Splinterlands is making its expansion on their games and probably tie it off with SPS. Meaning each game may have different coins but have one general coin, the SPS, and probably VOUCHER for limited contents. Does this kill Splinterlands? No. On the contrary, I think it improves it because people who might hear of the waka project (just calling the game that), may now search for Splinterlands and if they're card games nerd like me, they might transfer from the Waka Project to Splinterlands just like how I transferred from League of Legends to Legends of Runeterra.

A boom in the developers is a success in all their games overall is my TLDR.