The season is running on it's end. Trying to knock open the door to Diamond II

The daily quest today had to be battled out with the Earth element. Not my strongest deck, but decided not to request a new quest and bite through the bullet.

And to be honest it did go more smoothly then I did anticipate. And the rewards weren't bad at all!



Always happy with lots of cards! For sure with 3 rare ones.
Not only the season is running on it's end but also my quest potions are running out, only 5 left from the 115 I did purchased around 100 days ago. This was when it was still cheap to purchase them and I did make a massive profit on it!

With one more day left in the season I do need to earn another 93 rating points. While this seems easy I can guarantee you, that it isn't. Loosing 2 or 3 games in a row will set you back a lot! Last season I did fail miserably in reaching Diamond II, let's see if this month is different.



That are what I call (very) sweet rewards! Especially compared to the 8 or so Credits I got today...

Good luck reaching Diamond II!

Did reach it but back in DIII now. Bummer.!BEER

That's a shame.
I'm (just) in Bronze II, so won't be doing any battles for the coming 6 hours...

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