Rampaging Undead Rexx battle

in Splinterlands4 months ago

One of my favorite abilities in Splinterlands is Trample. It allows the monster to immediately attack again if it kills a monster. However, I rarely use it because the situations have to be rather specific for it to work effectively as a strategy. Rexx and Undead Rexx are probably the most known cards with this ability.

I had a recent battle with the Rampage modifier enabled and I knew what had to be done. What's better than an Undead Rexx?
A rampaging Undead Rexx!

Click the battle image below to watch how the battle played out.

After reflecting the magic from his Flame Imp thanks to my summoner's Reflect Magic ability, my Undead Rexx was home-free to smash through my opponent's monsters. In truth, there wasn't much damage coming from the other side but it's fun to watch the dinosaur stomp monsters one after the other. :)

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