SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge! -- Water Elemental

in Splinterlandslast month (edited)

water elemental a vicious ranger
one of the best designed monsters in the whole Splinterlands world


this water Splinter's rare monster is a very dangerous range attack soldier
he is very fast with his agility reaches 4 points ,almost impossible to miss his target
his power is moderate speaking lvl 1 he has 2 range attack points but he has a major advantage
he has the healing ability from lvl 1 and that makes him not immune but very difficult to take him down!
i posses an alpha edition Water Elemental, in case someone is interested in alpha edition you need 0.78$ to purchase him by the time i'm writing this post
not a cheap card to hold in your collection
just to remind you alpha editions become rarer and rarer to acquire so be smart!
lets get to see the stats of this monster



you can click on the following link to see my battle in which i used my Water Elemental..
...Water Elemental battle...


Water Elemental is a support monster and that's the reason that 99% of the times is used in middle positions or maybe at the back of your deck
i use this card most of the times at the end of my queue in case my opponent carries a sneak assassin
in that case his assassin is neutralized cause water elemental heals himself from the injuries he suffers in the previous round
of course if the sneak assasin is very powerful you will eventually lose your W Elemental but it will not be an easy task for your opponent
W elemental's attack creates problem as he rarely misses his target and always hit first due to each high speed as mentioned above!
in the above battle i had an easy task but it turned out to be very bad for me cause i was not focused
it was a 36 mana cap battle,can you imagine this, these are my favorite mana cap battles
i was so overwhelmed that everything it 'll go just so smooth that i didn't notice some details which cost me the final outcome
anyway let me give you some details about the battle


i had a water splinter quest running so to pick water splinter was a must to me
with mana cap at 36 points i had no second thoughts in choosing Valnamor as a Summoner
magic attack monsters were banned due to the rules of the battle but still his +1 to agility and life of all friendly monsters made him look nice choice to my eyes
so there we go!


first place in the battlefield my fearsome Kraken
i was so anxious to destroy my opponent
second place my lvl 3 sabre shark, killing machine with sneak ability
my thought was while my opponent's monsters were busy trying to kill my Kraken ,the Shark would destroy my rivals back
well it didn't work as i hoped so
in the third place it was time for my pirate archer,my gold foil pirate archer with the Blast ability ready to cause damage to 2 enemy monsters with one hit and in the fourth posistion a sniper Mantoid
i used my Halfling Alchemist in the fifth position just to cut in half enemy's attack power and in the last position my water elemental to absorb any opponent's sneak attack
everything was so perfect in my eyes
nothing could go think so?
no that was not the case

  • The Kraken lvl 1
  • Sabre Shark lvl 3
  • Pirate Archer lvl 2
  • Mantoid lvl 1
  • Halfling Alchemist lvl 1
  • Water Elemental lvl 1

shark 130.jpg | piratearcher130.jpg | MANTOID 130.jpg | alchemist130.jpg | water elemental 130.jpg



how can this battle combination go wrong?
well it did, and it did big time!
i got beat up, i got destroyed and i couldn't believe my eyes
my opponent chose a summoner which got +1 armor to the team and this made a tremendous change to the battle and my strategy
i should have looked closely to my opponent before making decisions
but i enjoyed the battle, after all this is the most important thing i guess
to have some fun!
till the next battle, keep safe guys !

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