Exploring Abilities : CRIPPLE | Your Best Bet Against Heavily Armored Enemy.

Hello there my Splinterlands friends,
First of all, I want to wish you a happy weekend. I hope you all are doing great.

Lots of things are cooking in Splinterlands lately. The Splinterlands team already updated the roadmap, you can check it here.
Also, there are some announcements regarding the upcoming card set Rebellion. The artworks are really impressive. Check the full announcement here if you're not already read it.

Moving forward, I've been actively playing Splinterlands almost every day for more than one and a half years.
In this vast time frame, I encountered various card combos by the opponent. At the same time, I created my own working combos for various rulesets.
The cards' abilities play a very vital role in creating these combos. So, to create a working card combo, you should know the basics of the abilities of the cards you're using, if possible all the abilities.

In the Exploring Abilities series, I discuss various abilities and their use cases. And in this article, I'll explore a really useful ability that helped win numerous battles, the CRIPPLE ability.

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I'll discuss the right ruleset/scenario where we can use the Cripple ability effectively with an example of the best battle.

So, read on...

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A Few Words About The Cripple Ability

When applied, each time a monster with the Cripple ability hits an enemy monster, the attacked monster loses one max health.
This is extremely helpful against monsters with heavy armor. And as this ability reduces the max health of the target monster, it reduces the effect of the heal and tank heal abilities.

Monsters And Summoners Having The Cripple Ability

There are 13 monsters and 1 summoner having the cripple ability that activates in different levels of the card. They are featured below -

Reward Edition

Cripple Reward Edition.png

Untamed Edition

Cripple Untamed Edition.png

Dice Edition

Cripple Dice Edition.png

Chaos Legion Edition

Cripple CL Edition.png

Riftwatchers Edition

Cripple RW Edition.png

Summoner Riftwatchers Edition

Cripple Summoner.png

Image Sources : Splintercards

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Rulesets Where The Cripple Ability Can Work Effectively

Basically, I found the cripple ability non-effective if you use a magic attack-based team or if the targeting monster has no armor.
Therefore, use it with melee attack-based battles against enemies with heavy armor.
Now, I'll discuss the scenarios/rulesets where the divine shield ability works great.

In The 'Armored Up' Ruleset

Armored Up.png

In the 'Armored Up' ruleset all monsters have 2 armor in addition to their normal armor stat. Therefore, it's a good idea to use cripple ability melee attack monsters as their attacks will decrease the max health of the enemy monsters.

In The 'Holy Protection' Ruleset

Holy Protection.png

In the 'Holy Protection' ruleset, all Monsters have the Divine Shield ability. Therefore, the first attack will always be ignored.
But, a cripple ability monster still can decrease the max health of the target monster even if the attack is ignored.

In The 'Weak Magic' Ruleset


In the 'Weak Magic' ruleset magic attacks hit armor before reducing health. Therefore, if a magic attack-based team is your choice of attack, you can safely use it to deal cripple damage to the enemy monsters.

Against The Enemies With Heavy Armor And The Summoners With The Armor Buff

This is where I found the cripple ability most useful against the enemies with heavy armor and the summoners with the armor buff.
With every hit of a cripple ability monster, the target monster keeps losing 1 max health until all the armor is gone. Therefore, the target monster has less max health.

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Now, it's time to share my strategy and the lineup for the best battle I won using the Cripple ability effectively.



Mana Cap: 50
Ruleset :-
Target Practice: All Ranged and Magic attack Monsters have the Snipe ability.
Reverse Speed: Monsters with the lowest Speed attack first and have the highest chance of evading attacks.
Active Splinter: Death.

My Strategy and Team Setup

I was planning to test the cripple ability for some time and I found this ruleset and mana cap and active splinter perfect to use the summoner with the cripple ability buff, the Dallan.
So this was my team -




Team Setup

Team Setup.png

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Team Submission

Team Submission.gif

Round 01

Round 01.gif

Round 02 / 03

Round 02 03.gif

Round 04 / 05

Round 04 05.gif

Watch the full battle in real-time - https://splinterlands.com?p=battle&id=sl_5b266fbce6bbab0a8c19935d01d306e1&ref=furiousfighter

You can check below other battles I fought using the Divine Shield ability.

Battle 01

Battle 02

Battle 03

Battle 04

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Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?

My strategy worked perfectly in this battle.
My enemy has the speed disadvantage from the start as he used the neutral summoner Lux Vega. This summoner increased the speed of my enemy team which was a disadvantage in the 'reverse speed' ruleset.
Then again, my enemy tried to choose a balanced team with melee, magic and ranged attacks, but with no buff, their attacks are minimal as per their levels.
Then again, my Octopider reduced the melee attack of all 4 main melee attack monsters of the enemy team.
The Cthulhu and the Ancient Leech were the first to attack and dealt good magic damage.
The Octopider and the Twisted Jester also did well with their ranged attacks.
And last but not least, the Hydra didn't deal any direct damage, but with its 'thorns' ability, it dealt nice damage to the enemy's biggest attacker, the Sand Worm.
Overall, it was a great strategy that brings me winning.

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And that's all for today, guys.
I hope you enjoyed reading this article. So, don't forget to keep me encouraged with your upvotes and comments.

I'm happy to share with you the strategy, and team combination as well as the gameplay of the good battles every week.
So, if you guys like my writing, please follow me for the latest updates.

If you want to try this fun play2earn game Splinterlands, feel free to join here - https://splinterlands.com?ref=furiousfighter

Until next time,
Akash Kumar.

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