NERISSA TRIDAWN : A Proud Warrior, An Unforgotten Hero Of Water.

Hello to my incredible Splinterlands community,
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About a week ago the Splinterlands team announced that a new set of rewards cards will soon be available in the reward chests.
With 3 new abilities Conscript, Martyr, and, Weapons Training, those cards look pretty awesome.
The artworks are really neat and great, the only negative point (the way I look at it) here is they will be soulbound. I mean it would be awesome if we can sell a few of them like only the legendaries. But it's my thought only.

Anyway, the Splinterlands team bought another 'Share Your Battle Challenge' and this week's featured card is the NERISSA TRIDAWN.

share your battle Nerissa tridawn.png

Like the previous challenges, I'll share the best battle I won this week using the Nerissa Tridawn in my team.
I'll also share my strategy, team combination, and thoughts about the Nerissa Tridawn.

So, read on...

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Nerissa is a proud warrior of the water. Armed with her enchanted trident, she defends the seas, the rivers, and the lakes. She is well known across coastal villages, and they often call on her for help. She has slain great sea beasts that would otherwise kill everyone in their path. She has rescued sailors from hurricanes, and even warned villages of incoming tsunamis to save lives. Her bravery and brilliance in battle have led to her being called Nerissa the Hurricane.

Nerissa was born and raised by the ocean, and could swim before she could walk. She always felt the sea called to her. And within her it stirred a deep magic. An ancient mana of tides and waves. Nerissa answered the call, and travels between the continents of the Splinterlands.

When settlers and explorers made their way to Praetoria, Nerissa was there to help with every step of the journey. But the blight that gripped the land worried her deeply. Its corruption spread into the waters that she loved so dearly. She often caught herself crossing paths with Igor the Finback and his tribe of Trench Dwellers. Each time she had to pull back or risk all of them attacking her at once.

When Nerissa learned of the deeper plot of the Chaos Legion, she vowed to defend Praetoria and its inhabitants with her life.

A wave carried Nerissa quickly to the shore. A small village awaited her, bordered by the jungle and currently drenched in the raging thunderstorm.

A worker on the dock held up his lantern, squinting. Then he gasped.

“Nerissa the Hurricane!”

Nerissa's bare feet made contact with the gritty sand. She strode quickly towards him.

“We must gather everyone in the village! A great wave is coming. I will lead the people to safety on higher ground.”

“Yes, ma'am!”

he turned and rushed off towards the homes.

Nerissa turned to look out at the angry ocean. The wild wind whipped her hair back from her face. No one would die tonight. Not on her watch.

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Before I share my strategy and battle, let's talk about the stats and abilities of this card.

Nerissa Tridawn Stats.png

The Nerissa Tridawn is an Epic Water unit card from the Chaos Legion edition.
This card costs 9 mana to use in the battle which makes this card a high-mana-cost card.
Talking about abilities, this card doesn't have any ability which is very rare in nature among the Splinterlands cards.

Nerissa Trisawn has some excellent stats which are increased through levels as below -
Level 1 - 3 magic attacks, 2 speeds, and, 9 health.
Level 2 - 3 magic attacks, 2 speeds, and, 10 health.
Level 3 - 3 magic attacks, 3 speeds, and, 10 health.
Level 4 - 4 magic attacks, 3 speeds, and, 10 health.
Level 5 - 4 magic attacks, 3 speeds, and, 11 health.
Level 6 - 5 magic attacks, 3 speeds, and, 11 health.

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How To Use The Nerissa Tridawn Effectively

Well, as Nerissa doesn't have any special ability and it's a water card, therefore we don't have many use-cases for this card. But at the same time, this card has some good stats, so it can be used as a second tank in any magic attack-based battle.
Then again, it needs 9 mana to use this card in the battle, therefore it'll be a wise decision to use this card in high mana-cap battles.
I, personally, use it in 50+ mana-cap magic attack-based battles with Alric Stormbringer or Delwyn Dragonscale.

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Now, it's time to share my strategy and the lineup for the best battle I won using the Nerissa Tridawn in my team.



Mana Cap: 50
Holy Protection: All Monsters have the Divine Shield ability.
Odd Ones Out: Only Monsters with odd Mana costs may be used in battles.
Active Splinter: Fire, Water, Life, Death, Dragon.

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My Strategy and Team Setup


Alric Stormbringer

Alric Stormbringer.png

Alric Stormbringer is one of my favorite summoners. I used this old man frequently whenever I can. As I intended to use a magic attack-based team, I used this summoner.


While playing with the 'odd mana out' ruleset, this is my preferred team for a magic attack-based high mana cap battle.
Torhilo The Frozen was the best choice as a tank because of its high health and armor count. Nerissa Tridawn is placed in the second position as the main attacker and a second tank.
Next is the Captain's Ghost to neutralize the enemy tank if it has any healing ability. In the fourth position, there's Venari Wavesmith has the 'protect' ability to supply additional armor to the friendly team.
In the fifth position I placed the River Hellondale having the 'resurrect' ability.
And in the last position, there's the Water Elemental which has the 'heal' ability and act as the backrow tank.
So, this was my team -

Team Setup.png

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Let the battle begin...

Team Submission

Team Submission.gif

Round 01

Round 01.gif

Round 02

Round 02.gif

Round 03 / 04

Round 03 04.gif

Round 05 / 06

Round 05 06.gif

Watch the full battle in realtime -

Apart from this battle, below are the few battles I played using the Nerissa Tridawn in my team.
Feel free to check these out.

Battle 01 Result - Win

Battle 02 Result - Win

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Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?

My strategy worked absolutely perfectly in this battle.
First of all, my enemy had several negative points. First, he used 3 non-magic cards although he used a magic buff summoner. Second, 4 out of 6 of his cards were low-level. So, I had these advantages already.
Torhilo The Frozen acted very well as a tank and it lasted for round 2 then after its elimination it resurrected and saved another few hits.
Nerissa Tridawn also performed well and was eliminated at the end of the 2nd round.
Venari Wavesmith did an excellent job by adding extra armor to all the friendly monsters. This really helped as 3 enemy monsters were non-magic thus saving lots of damage.
River Hellondale did what she do good, i.e resurrecting my tank. Which was also very crucial in this winning.

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And that's all for today, guys.
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