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Hey hey hey, my awesome Splinterlands community,
How are you all? I hope you'll are doing great?

The past week was so exciting for me. For the first time in my entire Splinterlands playing career, I managed to grab 40 EOS reward chests, yes 40.
If this new reward system wasn't implemented, it would be impossible for me to grab that many chests. So thank you Splinterlands for this new update.
I'll write up another short post about the whole reward claim process.
But now, it's the time for another 'Share Your Battle Challenge' from Splinterlands and this week's featured monster is Silent Sha-Vi.

Silent Sha-Vi Share Your Battle Challenge.gif

Just like the previous challenges, I'll share my best battle of this week using Silent Sha-Vi in my team.
I'll also share my strategy, team combination, and my thoughts on Silent Sha-Vi.

So, read on...


Tommy's True Nightmare

Serpentine under the bed.png

Tommy huddled beneath the covers in his bed, his room all the darker for lack of moonlight this night. He knew there was a monster that crept within the house. He knew it. But his parents wouldn't listen. And tonight, just like the night before, he heard a sound underneath the bed.

Tommy remembered what his parents told him. To just look under his bed. Then he would realize he was safe.

The boy slowly sat up, his breath hitching in fear. His room seemed all the more frightening at night. Everything was shadow. Everything was a potential figure skulking in a corner, watching him.

He crawled to the edge of his bed and slowly lowered his head down. Heart pounding within his ears, he peered into the abyss underneath.

Two serpentine eyes peered back.

And Tommy screamed.

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Before I share my strategy and battle, let's talk about the stats and abilities of this card.

Silent Sha-Vi Stats.png

The Silent Sha-Vi is a common melee attack monster from the Death splinter of Chaos Legion edition. Sneak ability starts of this card from level 1.
From level 6, it achieves the cripple ability. The piercing ability activates when this reaches the maximum level, i.e level 10.
For the cost of 5 mana, Silent Sha-Vi has 2 melee attacks, 3 speeds, and 5 health.
A strong and affordable backline card for every moderate to high mana battle.

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Marketplace stats for Silent Sha-Vi.png

As we can see, the current circulation of the regular foil of this card is 156299 nos. and the gold foil is 12874 nos.
The lowest price for one can buy a regular foil Silent Sha-Vi is $0.13 and a gold foil is $1.69. Its burn value is 5 DEC for regular foil and 125 DEC for gold foil.
There are 932 nos. regular foil and 122 nos. gold foil Gargoya Scrapper is listed on the market.
Till now, 301 nos. regular foil of this card was burned.

List Market Price Regular Foil Silen Sha-Vi.png

From the data, I collected from Splintercards we can see the listing price of this card being ups and downs over the 6-month time, ranging from$0.08 - $0.20.
And the highest sale value was around $0.221.

List Market Price Gold Foil Silen Sha-Vi.png

And for the gold foil version of this card, prices ranged from $1.7 - $3.5. The highest sale price of the gold foil version was $4.18 over the course of 6 months.

Pagebreaker New.png

What is the best ruleset and summoner to use Silent Sha-Vi ?

The best thing about the Silent Sha-Vi is that you can effectively use this card with any summoner and in any ruleset (except Keep your distance ruleset), due to its sneak ability.
But this card works best with Daria Dragonscale or Camila Sungazer as these two summoners increase its melee attack power to +1.
Also, for the best work case, use this card in unprotected ruleset so that it can directly attack the opponent's backline cards.
For me, I generally use this card with Zintar Mortalis, as this is the only level 2 summoner I have in the Death splinter.

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Now, it's time to share my strategy and the lineup for the best battle I won using the Silent Sha-Vi in my team.
Kindly note, that I used Silent Sha-Vi in a few other battles too. And among those battles, the battle I'm sharing now seemed interesting to me.
Below, I'll share the links to those other battles too. Feel free to check those if you're interested.



Mana Cap: 30
Equalizer: The initial health of all monsters is equal to that of the monster on either team with the highest base value
Reverse Speed: Monsters with the lowest speed attack first and the have the highest chance of evading attacks
Active Splinter: Fire, Life, Death, Dragon

Pagebreaker New.png

My Strategy and Team Setup

Luckily, it was the Death focus for that day and I was grinding hard to grab as many reward chests as I can.
So, the battle was the mid-mana cap battle with the equalizer and reverse speed ruleset.
I have two perfect cards for this ruleset combo, yes, the CTHULHU and the ANCIENT LICH. But as you know, using a high health card like Cthulhu in the equalizer ruleset sometime causes you to lose your battle for the obvious reason.
At least these two cards will attack first, because of the reverse speed ruleset.
Also, these two attacking cards are costs high mana. So I had to choose the remaining cards carefully.
So, this was my team -



Waka Spiritblade.png

I was very excited about using this legendary summoner for the first time in my life.
But, to be honest, I wasn't very much satisfied with the performance of this high rent-value card.
Though, in this match, the Waka Spiritblade did amazing job.
To effectively use this card, you have to have some high-speed sneak and snipe cards in your team and you're all set to win.

First Position


The best low mana card in the equalizer ruleset.
The shield ability protect it from taking damage from melee and ranged attack. A perfect tank for any low mana and/or equalizer ruleset.

Second Position


Another 1 mana cost very useful card in the low mana and/or equalizer ruleset.
It has a very good health number of 5 with only 1 mana cost. So this is a must-use card in this ruleset combo.
These two cards will soak the majority of attacks while my two main attacking cards will continue to attack opponent's team without taking any damage from the front side.

Third Position


My first attacking card, a bit costly but is deadly in the reverse speed ruleset with its powerful 3 magic attacks and 1 speed.
Its high health will help to gain high health to all my cards due to the equalizer ruleset.

Fourth Position


My second attack card. A bit fragile at the beginning but gains momentum with every successful attack due to its life leech ability.
I've seen this card before to pile up to 40+ health in an equalizer battle. So, I had high hope for this card.
And it didn't disappoint me in this battle.

Fifth Position


Our featured monster of the week is in the fifth position.
I used it in the fifth position to utilize its sneak ability for the maximum time and also to protect my two main attacking cards from the sneak attack.

Sixth Position


A very useful 0 mana card in the last position that served well the purpose of the backside tank that absorbed a good amount of sneak attacks from the opponent team.

Pagebreaker New.png

Team Submission

So, this is my final team that I submitted. As you can see, the buffs and debuffs are already applied to both teams.
Let's fight then...


Round 01

Share-Your-Battle-Silent-Sha-Vi (1).gif

Round 1 starts with the attack of my Crypt Beetle on the opponent's Shieldbearer. The poison effect was applied and the Shieldbearer lost 2 health due to the poison effect.
The next two attacks came from my Cthulhu and the Ancient Leech. Shieldbearer Stands strong due to his high health.
Next, opponent's Adelade Brightwing attacked my Crypt Beetle and the Stitch Leech and the Feral Spirit did two back-to-back attacks on the Furious Chicken but the Feral Spirit missed the attack.
And the final attack of the round takes place by the Silent Sha-Vi.

Round 02

Share-Your-Battle-Silent-Sha-Vi Round (2).gif

Round 2 starts with applying poison to the Shieldbearer and then attacks from my Crypt Beetle.
Cthulhu and the Ancient Leech almost destroyed the Shieldbearer but the Devine Healer healed a bit of his health.
Again, the opponent's Adelade Brightwing attacked my Crypt Beetle and the Stitch Leech and the Feral Spirit did two back-to-back attacks on the Furious Chicken but this time it was a successful attack.
Silent Sha-Vi attacked Shieldbearer but was not able to reduce its health due to the heavy shield.

Round 03

Share-Your-Battle-Silent-Sha-Vi Round 3.gif

Opponent's Shieldbearer got destroyed at the beginning of the round due to the poison effect and by a magic attack from Cthulhu.
Adelade Brightwing resurrect it but the Ancient Leech destroyed it finally.
Again, the opponent's Adelade Brightwing and the Devine healer attacked my Crypt Beetle and the Stitch Leech and the Feral Spirit did two back-to-back attacks on the Furious Chicken.
Silent Sha-Vi did an important attack that applies poison to the opponent's Devine Healer.

Round 04

Share-Your-Battle-Silent-Sha-Vi Round 4).gif

Ancient Leech applies the poison effect to the Armorsmith.
Opponent's Stitch Leech destroyed my Furious Chicken completely and the Devine Healer destroyed my Crypt Beetle.

Round 05

Share-Your-Battle-Silent-Sha-Vi Round 5).gif

Now as the poison effect is applied to two of the opponent's cards, the Armorsmith and the Devine Healer, they will keep losing two health starting in every round.
My Cthulhu and the Ancient Leech did good damage to the Armorsmith but Devine Healer healed him for the next round.
My Silent Sha-Vi takes two attacks from Stitch Leech and the Feral Spirit.

Round 06

Share-Your-Battle-Silent-Sha-Vi Round 6.gif

Armorsmith gets destroyed due to the poison effect and the Adelade Brightwing takes his place.
The poison effect applies to her too by an attack from the Cthulhu.
Devine Healer did a great job of healing the Adelade Brightwing.
The next round will be the last round for the Silent Sha-Vi as it has only 2 health left.

Round 07

Share-Your-Battle-Silent-Sha-Vi Round 7.gif

The poison effect applied to the Adelade Brightwing and the Devine Healer.
The Silent Sha-Vi gets completely destroyed by the Stitch Leech and the Ancient Leach takes the first attack of the battle.

Round 08

Share-Your-Battle-Silent-Sha-Vi Round 8.gif

Again the poison effect is applied to the Adelade Brightwing and the Devine Healer and the Adelade Brightwing gets destroyed by two back-to-back attacks by the Cthulhu and the Ancient Leech.
The Feral Spirit takes her place and missed the attack on my Shadowy Presence.

Round 09 / 10

Share-Your-Battle-Silent-Sha-Vi Round  9 10.gif

The Devine healer gets destroyed due to the poison effect.
Now the opponent has two cards that both have 2 melee attacks and I have two cards that both have 3 magic attacks.
Besides this, The Ancient Leech piled up a large chunk of health.
I only see winning from here.

Round 11 / 12

Share-Your-Battle-Silent-Sha-Vi Round 11 12.gif

The opponent already loses his Feral Spirit at the start of round 10.
In the last two rounds, the Stitch Leech missed one attack on my Cthulhu and gets destroyed by the simultaneous attacks from my Cthulhu and the Ancient leech.

Watch the full battle in realtime -

Apart from this battle, these are the few battles I played using Silent Sha-Vi in my team.
Feel free to check these out.

Battle 01 Result - Win

Battle 02 Result - Lose

Battle 03 Result - Win

Battle 04 Result - Win

Pagebreaker New.png

Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?

Only the perfect strategy makes this battle win for me.
I was unsure about the idea of taking Cthulhu to my team. But he did some great attacks.
Also, the Ancient Leach did also great by making big attacks and piling up the health counts. At one time, it becomes indestructible.
Adding low mana Crypt Beetle in the tank position was a great strategy as it absorbs good damages from the Shieldbearer.
Placing the Furious Chicken in the last position is did great for my team as it absorbs simultaneous attacks from the opponent's two sneak monsters.
That protects the Silent Sha-Vi from the sneak attacks and makes it possible for him to attack the most important attack to the opponent's Devine Healer, which applied poison effect to her.
What I called this, is a perfect strategy.

Pagebreaker New.png

My Takes On The Silent Sha-Vi

silent sha-vi.gif

Silent Sha-Vi is definitely a good and a must-used card of the Death Splinter.
The sneak ability makes it a good backline killer. It has good stats for mana.
Overall, I'm very satisfied using this card in battles and I definitely recommend this card to anyone and everyone.

Pagebreaker New.png

So this is it, guys. That's all for today.
I'm happy to share with you the strategy and team combination as well as the gameplay of this good battle.

I just love writing more and more about this awesome game Splinterlands.
Wanna try it out? Join here -

I'm so overwhelmed by the love and support you're showering on me. Thank you very much.
Please keep supporting me like this always, guys.

Thank you for reading.

Akash Kumar.

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