A battle in the skies - Weekly Challenge

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Greetings, today I bring a battle with dragons and golden winged clashes. Something truly epic.

The title goes very well with the theme of the battle because the "earthquake" condition led me to prepare a team with a summoner that grants the "flying" ability to all the allied monsters. In such a way that I was able to overcome this limitation and at the same time add points to the focus of the chests that I had. Definitely a battle in the skies.

Portada Battle Challenge DRAGONS.png

From Splinterlands and edited with GIMP

The first position is already promising, as Djinn Chwala and Pelacor Conjurer (Gold) clash one on one. Despite doing no damage, Pelacor should not be underestimated. His speed and skill make him an elusive opponent. For my part, the dragon tank, with its "thorns" ability, was excellent to reduce a little the life of the imposing "Uriel The Purifier".


In second place was "Djinn Oshannus", a fast mage with the skill "Void", which despite being excellent did not shine so much because there were no mages in the enemy strategy. However, his speed and magic damage helped quite a bit in taking down the dangerous purifier and giving the rest of the team time to wreak havoc on the enemy rearguard.

Oshannus fell to Uriel, by an attack of a powerful 9 damage, for that dangerous ability he possesses, "Recharge".



For the third place "Deeplurker" was my choice, one of the cards of the new edition that I like the most, for its speed, damage and the water element itself.

This stalker was a champion in battle, as he took down the enemy healer, gave the coup de grace to Uriel, the harpy and the legendary Adelade BrightWind.



In the fourth position Adelade BrightWind was the enemy choice, a legendary somewhat slow but with a couple of crucial skills in this confrontation, as they almost ensured my defeat.

Adelade repaired Uriel's armor, so she was steady on the battlefield long enough to take down two of my monsters. In addition, he has "flying" so the earthquake did not affect her. For my part I placed the fast "Fire Spitter", the slippery one hated by many with an excellent mana/damage ratio.



In the rear Kulu SwimHunter was my choice, an excellent archer, who accompanied by the summoner survived the earthquake and did a lot of damage to the enemy.

In the opposing rear Peacebringer and Venari CrystalSmith were the chosen archers, only that these two did not have "flight" so the earthquake did affect them, giving me some advantage that I did not hesitate to take advantage with the powerful Deeplurker.



The complete alineation was:


If you want to see the replay click here. For information to join in this challenge click here.

Curious fact:

The harpy of the Splinter of Life reminds me of a monster from the game "Titan Quest", inspired by the same mythological beast.

From Titan Quest Wiki

My opinion:
Using dragons in splinterlands is excellent for the versatility they provide, however, they can be a somewhat difficult investment to achieve at certain levels. Therefore, it is wise to measure expenses correctly when setting up your equipment.

Combining Delwyn with water or earth magic combos is very effective, Daria with fire physical combos are not far behind and Brighton in battles with earthquakes is usually an almost certain victory.

If you want to join in the wonderful world of Splinterlands be my referal clicking here

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