A porcupine-like duel! | Curious Battles 26#

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Greetings! This time I'm back with another curious battle, where the spines clash as if it were a porcupine showdown, starring Djinn Chwala and Cursed Wendiku.


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In the first position of this thorny confrontation, was Cursed Wendeku with his 10 life points at level 2 added to the ability "reflex" and "K.O", one for the summoner and the other for the battle condition.

In the enemy field, the dragon "Djinn Chwala" was present with her impressive 5+2 defense points and 9 health points. I was at a disadvantage in terms of the main tank, but despite this the combination of skills provided by the rest of my monsters turned the battle in my favor.



For the second position, the well-known "Silent Sha-Vi" was taking advantage of her "Sneak" ability to weaken "Revealer", who with her dangerous ability was a threat to victory, as "Stun" is known among the abilities capable of turning things around when victory seems certain.

However, Sha-Vi destroyed Revealer after two attacks, thanks to the "Reflex" provided by the summoner, which weakened Revealer when it attacked Wendiku.



In fourth place, the well-known "Furious Chicken" was present to tank at least one attack if necessary. Although it was not necessary in this battle.

I've been wanting to invest in other 0 mana monsters for a while now but they are a bit expensive, so I'm still relying on the support of the furious chicken.


In the third position Weirding Warrior was attentive attacking and being key to victory, as his ability destroyed the armor of the dragon "Djinn Chwala", so that the confrontation of thorns was more balanced in the first position, even making Wendiku resist until the end.

On enemy ground there were only Djinn Chwalla and Revealer and the summoner known for increasing the armor "Drake of Arnak" because the available mana was only 16.


The complete alineation was:


If you want to see the replay click here.

Curious fact:

Despite the imposing "Djinn Chwala", the chosen combo was able to withstand the punishment and keep everyone on their feet. Although Silent Sha-Vi and Windeku were quite injured.

As an extra curious fact, the previous post also had a "thorns" theme and the strategies with this ability have been numerous in my last confrontations. It is a lethal ability, although expensive in terms of the monsters and summoner that provide it. Djinn Chwala alone costs just over $0.5 per card and Cursed Wendiku $0.48. Remembering that Mylor costs at least 20 times those amounts.


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