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Greetings! The forgotten one has been the protagonist in this battle, as his immunity and great attack power made him a warrior to be feared in this fight.

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In the first place was present Living Magma in enemy terrain, the classic fire splinter tank whose "shield" has turned many battles. While on my side was the key piece for victory "The Forgotten One", whose ability "immunity", is excellent for this occasion, because the battle conditions, apart from equalizing the life of all monsters present, also surrounded all of them with poison, so that they lost life at every turn, however, the immunity makes it exempt from that poison.


In the second position, the familiar angry chicken was my choice, the idea being that it could withstand attacks in case it was left in the first position or be targeted by attackers from a distance, so that the scavenger of the team could have time to strengthen itself and then make its mark at the front, although it didn't need to get to that point.

In the opposite field "Scavo Chemist" was the chosen champion, not bad because it granted immunity to the effect of poison to the "Living Magma" so that in the vanguard the confrontation was even more hot and levelled.



For third place my opponent's choice was "creeping ooze", a classic for slowing down. On my side "Ant Miners" was the choice, which would work as plan B in case "The Forgotten One" could not withstand the punishment in the first position.



In fourth place, the furious chicken appears again, a classic among the mini-tanks, although he were certainly killed by the poison. On this occasion they did not do their job very well, although "Ant Miners", as a good scavenger, took advantage of the situation to increase its life and resist a little longer.


In the last place, Chaos Agent, both in 4th and 5th place I had no monsters because the mana demanded by "The Forgotten One" limited me quite a lot in that sense, that card offers quite a lot but costs 9 mana.

Chaos Agent, from level 2 is actually a pretty good card as a minitank, because it has "dodge", which increases your chances of dodging. However, in this case it did not shine so much for that ability.


The complete alineation was:


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Curious fact:

Ant Miners shined again in this battle, this card I have already mentioned on several occasions and in fact I even have a drawing of it. It has been really quite good at holding its own. Although it didn't really do any damage in the battle. As an additional curious fact, the price of "the forgotten one" is approximately $2.00. It has dropped a bit so it is a good time to consider buying it and increase your options when facing battles where venom abounds.



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Thanks for sharing! - @yonilkar

immunity is amazing but sometimes I hate it hahaha.

I love cards with this ability

Yeees, it's very good when it's not in the enemy strategy hahaha