Hello, guys, in this week's post I want to talk about a card that I really really really like using. And that's none other than Quora Towershead! She's part of the Gladius card set, which means that, unless you're part of an active guild, you probably haven't seen her. But let me tell you how great she is.



One of the things that make her incredible is her two attack types. At level 1, she has 2 melee and 2 magic, which means that if she's in the first position (or during certain rulesets) she can attack twice in one turn, first with magic and then with melee. But wait! The fun doesn't stop there; she has an amazing 11 Health and the Heal ability, so she can heal a lot of damage taken each turn.

And last but not least, her Bloodlust ability, which gives +1 to all her stats whenever she kills an enemy. So, with a little bit of luck and timing, she can become even more powerful after a while. This ability is broken (not really, just extremely good and fun to use) and you might think of it as Grum's ability, but every single Gladius card has this ability.


Oh, did you think that was all? No, that was just my impressions on the level 1 Quora, however, she also gets Immunity and Dispel at max level, and some more Health and Melee. Honestly, what can't Quora do?

I do have to say though, that Gladius cards are bound to each account, so you can't buy, sell or rent them, which means that leveling up cards is quite difficult, especially for Epic or Legendary cards. So it might take you a while to level her up. Better start brawling soon, huh?



Here I'll show you a battle using Djinn Chwala, and a strategy that can be useful. I'll describe it as best as I can, but nothing beats the feeling of actually watching the battle, so in this link you'll be able to watch the battle yourself.




  • Armored Up: All monsters have +2 armor. This makes Magic attacks even more powerful, since they bypass the armor.
  • Broken Arrows: Ranged attack monsters may not be used in this battle.
  • Allowed Splinters: Water, Earth, and Life.

Also, this was part of a Brawl and I participated in the Novice Chaos Legion Fray, which means I could only use level 1 Chaos Legion monsters and summoners (and also Gladius cards).



Because of the ruleset and allowed splinters, I knew both my opponent and I were going to go for Earth, to use magic attacks with Obsidian.


Giving +1 Magic, she's a great addition for Quora's offense, althought I honestly doubt it makes that much of a difference, haha.

I decided to play her, and only her, even though I had some mana left, because I didn't want the enemy to get free kills in case they used a monster with Bloodlust.

And that's it! That's my whole team. That's why Quora is my one woman army.




  • As expected, the enemy also went for Obsidian, however, they did put some low health monsters in the front, which helps me a lot.
  • They also bring Queen Mycelia, giving even more armor, however, since I also deal magic damage, that doesn't mean much to me.
  • The battle starts with Quora completely obliterating the Chaos Agent, gaining +1 to Magic, Melee, Speed, Health and even Armor!
  • Then she attacks the Mycellic Morphoid, but it only damages the armor.
  • The two enemy magic users attack Quora, dealing 4 damage in total.

So, only the Chaos Agent died this round, but that meant giving +1 to all of Quora's stat, so this was a great round for me.




  • Quora heals herself and goes back to full health (I'm just amazed with this woman). She then defeats the Morphoid, getting +1 to all stats once again.
  • The 3 remaining monsters attack her once again, leaving her at 9 health.

Quora now has 5 magic and 4 melee. She's unstoppable now.




  • Once again, Quora goes back to full heatlh and defeats the monster in the first position.
  • Even though she's taken a lot of attacks, thanks to her healing, she's still unfazed.

You can see where this is going. The enemy, left with only 2 monsters, combined with Quora's healing, can't do anything to turn the tide of battle.

ROUNDS 4 & 5



  • Unsurprisingly, Quora managed to defeat the final two monsters, one in each round, and after each her stats were increased, leaving her with the stats you can see above. Isn't that crazy? 16 health, 7 melee, 8 magic, and 8 speed. That's just- I'm actually speechless.


Final Thoughts


  • Quora's a beast. A powerhouse. Enough said about her. I've never been a fan of Earth, but thanks to her, I almost always play green during brawls, haha.
  • Although she has her melee attack, I think it's better to put her in the back row, especially the 2nd position, at the start of the battle. That way, she can avoid attacks at the beginning of the battle, and only come out when the battle has progressed, when she's probably a lot stronger.

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Really awesome card,by far the best cards in SL..I was lucky enough to attain 2,hopefully i can get 2 more to level it up.Paired with Llama in a brawl it is very hard to beat,depending on match rules

Thanks for sharing! - @alokkumar121

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