Recreation of XANDER FOXWOOD - XANDER FOXWOOD with bigger wings.

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Tools that I used for this drawing: (I) Adobe Illustrator, (I) Adobe Photoshop, (III) Lightshot.

Worked on a splinterlands card after a very long time and like I recreated TWO GUN PETE before on different appearance, I tried to give some different aspects to XANDER FOXWOOD as well.

If you see the original picture of the card then you'll understand what I changed.

This is the card that I drew today.
Source link of the card

Have you found the difference? XANDER FOXWOOD from the original picture has the appearance from one side and I made him stand straight. XANDER FOXWOOD from the original picture has small wings and I added bigger wings and I took the wings from ANGEL OF LIGHT.

Steps that I followed for the drawing:


Step 1: I drew the outline at the first step.


Step 2: This is the second step where I started coloring and I colored like half the character at this step.


Step 3: This is the third step where I finished coloring the whole body of the character.


Step 4: This is the step where I colored the wings and finished coloring.


Step 5: This is the final step where I added a background picture and I collected the background picture from the lore page of XANDER FOXWOOD in splinterlands.

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So nice drawing. @tipu curate 6

Thanks for the encouragement.

Well done.
I liked your working style.
Keep up the good work.


Thanks for your compliment and tribe curations.
I'll try my best in keeping up.

Thanks for your compliment and tribe curations.

My pleasure.

I'll try my best in keeping up.

Good luck.


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Thanks for sharing! - @alokkumar121

Thanks for your upvote @alokkumar121.
Means a lot.
I'll share my next art for the contest soon.