Chest Loot 08 June

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My quest was completed in style winning 3 battles without neutral monsters.
The rewards came in style as well.


I had an untamed booster pack in my chest which have some cool cards which includes a gold TOWER GRIFFIN bellow


This monster is worth just over $3, nice having the gold one as I have the normal one too.

In my chest also contained WARRIOR OF PEACE, DEC and Legendary Portion charge amongst other cards from the booster pack.


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Gif by @mariosfame

We owe it to ourselves to make Hive great

Image by @doze

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Nice rewards and Untamed pack- then a gold card, NICE! ~@clove71

Yes @clove71 a very lucky day for me 😀
Thank you!

Loving the joy for the GF Tower Griffon.

😀😀 thanks @magooz I get excited for this rewards