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Buying a Gold Foil TIDE BITER has been a good move for me, one for the 5k CP and the abilities it comes with. I might have to consider getting two more copies so I can rent it out or sell it later when the price appreciates.

A Gold Foil VENATOR KINJO is another NFT card I've got my eyes on but selling around $70 at the moment, I don't see it dipping below $50.

The goal is to accumulate 200k CP come end of the year so spotting cheap Gold Foils and picking them up will accelerate my plan.

Splinterlands - Collect, Trade, Battle! - Brave 7_31_2022 6_23_12 PM.png


Splinterlands - Collect, Trade, Battle! - Brave 7_31_2022 4_50_15 PM.png

3 copies short of VENARI SEEDSMITH to have it upgraded to level 4, it hasn't been coming my way like other Rare cards. So its always a delight having it whenever it comes.

Another end of season is here, good luck with those chests!



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Great strategy! I need to get me a couple tide biters now. lol

Thanks 😃 you get some copies lol, might be a good acquisition in the future.


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Oh I did! I bought a level 3 for a little over $14. Well worth it. I think this is one of those cards that are going to retain value with appreciation over the coming years. Thanks for showing the strategy!

That's a good move I think we have made on Tide Biter lol, I've been happy with it since I bought it and being a reward card we might be lucky to get more copies of it from chests.

Cheers 🙂


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I do believe that it was a good move for sure. I had procrastinated it for to long. lol. I knew I needed the card and was waiting for the right opportunity. I am almost certain that it will come in handy for the long run and be very valuable. Just a matter of time!



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That looks like a decent card but I wonder if it's needed with wave runner or the squid available.

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It is my go to card against blast or even against thorns ability monsters, good in Little League ruleset also 🙂


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Tide is a great card and I have been saving up to buy the card

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We just can't stop buying you know!


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great video, thank you so much for sharing, have a great day and a great week,good loot

Thanks my friend, wishing you a great week and month.


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