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Splinterlands is a card battle game on Hive blockchain. Splinterlands is one of the best play2earn NFT card battle game. On the end season every player gets some exciting prizes. If you are playing in higher league then you can get maximum rewards. I am playing in gold league and this season I got 28 loot chests and hope to get some exciting prizes in it.


My today's Quest Reward cards are ...

In these loot chests I got 7 cards. In these cards, I got 1 Legendary gold foil card, 1 Epic and 1 Rare card. In my end season reward loot chests, I also got 6.215 SPS Token, 18 legendary & 41 gold potions. I also got 105 merits and 1 CHAOS LEGION pack, overall End season rewards value is 24.673$.


My Reward cards are ...


I got Harklaw gold foil Legendary Death Unit. This card has 2 malee attack and 9 health with shield / immunity ability.



I also got Uraeus Epic Neutral Unit with sneak ability. I always use this card in all mana fights because of 2 malee attack, 3 health and poison ability.


Vampiric Blossom

I also got Vampiric Blossom Rare Earth Unit with oppress and deathblow ability. This card has 2 ranged attack with 6 health.


I opened my pack and got following cards



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