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Half-vampire, the Dhampir are faster and stronger than normal humans. Most have taken to a mercenary lifestyle, never quite welcome with vampires or humans. The Stalker is adept at tracking their prey, then dispatching the target with a silent and perfectly-placed arrow from the shadows.


This week's battle challenge will be a story how to beat an opponent who has a raw collection power of 5,547,228 according to Peakmonsters with an account which is 70 times smaller. Link is here if you are curious of his account. 😌

The Dhampir Stalker is an amazing card from the Death Splinter and such it is one of my favorite. Usually I am using Thaddius as my main Summoner, because he is quite versatile and it is the perfect counter against the overpowered Obsidian. 😁

The Death Splinter has a lot of answers to all kind of threat, because he has the ability to reduce my opponent monsters Melee ⚔️, Ranged 🏹 or Magic 🔮 attacks. Debuffing my opponent gives me a huge advantage over them, because this Splinter has a very limited ability to Heal their monsters.




This week's battle challenge features the Dhampir Stalker, so let's see his stats and abilities on all levels.


The Dhampir Stalker is a Ranged 🏹 attack creature and such he can miss an attack if his speed is much lower than his enemy. Luckily he has the true strike ability, which means that this monster's attacks can not miss his target. This helps a lot in a fight, where the opponent has a lot of high speed monsters and using Summoners like Kelya or Quix whom are manipulating the speed on the battlefield.

I am playing mostly in Gold league and this is a Rare card, so it is possible to use him up to Level 5. This is perfect, because he receives and extra Ranged damage and Speed and the ability of Deathblow. 😎

The Deathblow means that this Monster does 2x damage if their target is the only Monster left on the enemy team.



Armored UpAll Monsters have 2 Armor in addition to their normal Armor stat.

Use magic attacks if you can, but the opponent will do the same, so focus on HP. It is countered by Rust or Wizard of Eastwood's summoner ability.


My lineup and the decision behind it!

Thaddius Brood


Thaddius Brood is one of the best Summoner in the Death Splinter, because he reduces the Magic 🔮 damage and Health ❤️ to all of his enemy monsters. He is quite cheap to rent compared to other Summoners from different Splinters.

I like him a lot, because he counters one of the strongest attack type in this game, but unfortunately he lacks the ability to Heal their own monsters.


Main Tank
Cursed Windeku


The Cursed Windeku is an amazing monster, because he has a very rare ability amongst the other Death monsters, which is the Heal. He receives it on Level 5, so it is worth renting him on this Level.

He has another ability, which is Thorn from Level 1 and that makes him a perfect tank in low mana cap battles. 😊

The Stunner


I started to like this monster recently, because his ability to Stun (When a Monster with Stun hits a target, it has a chance to stun the target causing it to skip its next turn) a monster for only four mana makes him very strong. On level 4 he receives the Immunity ability, which makes this monster immune to negative status effects and that is perfect in battles with Posion ruleset.

The only drawback of this ability is that the trigger chance is 50%, so the RNG luck has to be on your side. I really doesn't like RNG in card and auto-battle games, because it makes it impossible to use well thoght tactics, because everything will be dependable of luck. 😕


Main Damage Dealer
Dhampir Stalker


The Dhampi Stalker is a Ranged attack creature and he is one of the strongest ranger in the Death Splinter. His True Strike ability is making him a reliable damage dealer and the Armor is making him to withstand few attacks against him. 😉


Cheap Damage Dealer
Soul Strangler


The Soul Strangler is quite week on lower levels, because he doesn't have too much attack. I rent him on Level 5 to increase his attack to three and is mana cost is only 3. The biggest problem with him is his low attack speed, so he tends to miss his target quite frequently making him exactly the opposite of the Dhampir Stalker who always hit its target. 😇


Poisonous Sneaker


The Uraeus is one of the best three mana monster in the whole game. He becomes very strong on Level 4, when he receives the Poison ability. The Poison attacks have a chance to apply poison, which does automatic damage to the target at the beginning of each round after the poison is applied, which is two damage per round.

It is very difficult to defend against this monster, because he will attack the last creature in the enemy backline, which usually is not the strongest on the battlefield. 😉

Bullet Eater
Chaos Agent


I used the Chaos Agent to protect my backline a little bit to soak up some attacks from my opponent if they try to use Sneak attack to weaken my backline. I rented him in gold foil, so I will receive 10% income from a winning battle. 😁




Click on the picture for the replay


This battle was a very difficult one, because I faced against a very rich account and as you can see I had around 17% chance to win. He brought a full gold team against me, which cost a fortune, so it was a huge satisfaction for me to win this battle. 😁

He brought Quix to this battle, because he will reduce the Ranged attack damage to all of my monsters. He picked only Magic attack creatures, so my choice of Thaddius turned out to be just perfect against him.

In normal circumstances he couldn't kill my Cursed Windeku, because he has the Heal ability and my opponent (with my -1 reduction 😂) had a very low attack damage. His Doctor Blight managed to put poison and affliction on my Cursed Windeku, so he killed it pretty quickly.

My damage was much more than my opponent had, so I was taking out his monsters quicker than he could do. My Revealer fell into the first position when my Cursed Windeku died and he used his Stun to take out their Bonesmith. Luckily his Immunity protected him against their poison, which gave me enough time to my Ranged creatures to kill their monsters. 😇


Giveaway Time!

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Let's see who won the Temporal Master from my previous Battle Challenge post.


The Winner is @alexis666, Congratulations and thank you to everyone who was participated.



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