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He was called Holicrai the Magnificent and without doubt, he was the finest Gloridax guardian in the history of the land. He was as feared as some of the dragons that lived on Dragon’s Roost. The people of Draykh-Nahka would sing songs about him, and the ancient scholars would say that the sagas told about him didn’t do him justice. When he passed to the other side, they took his armor and displayed it in the Warrior’s Hall, deep within the Centrum. His bones were laid to rest in the Guardian’s Chapel on the far side of the city, a shrine open to the people so they might pay their respects for all he had done.

It cost Morloth, the crazed tinker, not a single penny to acquire the armor. The Chaos Legion had brought it to him, together with a long, thick bone from the chapel’s tomb – probably the femur he guessed. He didn’t ask them how they’d come by it, and the strange man that conveyed the delivery was most peculiar indeed. He wore a long black coat and top hat, with a bizarre beaked mask and shimmering green amulet about his neck, carrying a lantern that pierced the night. He spoke to himself as much as he did to Morloth, and by the end of their conversation, the tinker wasn’t sure who he was more afraid of, the entire Chaos Legion that had descended upon the land, or this one strange man that was standing before him.

Using the green crystals that he’d fuelled the Disintegrator with, Morloth set to work hammering away at the pieces of armor and fusing parts of the bone to the metal. Night passed into morning, as he sharpened its metal fingers into deadly claws, each one as long as his forearm. Then daylight came and went, the cycle repeating until he had lost complete track of time. He took sips of water from the various flasks that littered his workshop, and when the paltry reserves of food ran out, he chewed upon the green crystals themselves, sucking the energy from them. Partway through his labors, Morloth had to drag his creation from the workshop and set a canvas tent outside to continue, so big was the masterpiece. When it was time to attach the head, he rolled the lump of metal across the ground and fused it to the shoulders. Finally, he started work on the impressive helm that would conceal the giant green crystal that fuelled the creation’s mind and body.

When finished, Morloth collapsed in a state of complete exhaustion. He awoke later to find that his creation was gone. The terrible Carnage Titan had come to life and left him whilst he slept. He never did learn where his golem had gone, but then, nor did he discover how fortunate he was that it didn’t tear him to pieces before it left.



The Dragon Splinter is one of my favorite, because they have the option to answer to any kind of threat thanks to their versatile summoners and powerful monsters.

They have the strongest and most expensive summoner in the whole game, which is Archmage Arius who give +1 to all attack type. Even though I don't have enough funds to play with him the rest of their summoners are quite strong as well. There is a cheaper option for me whom I usually play and that is Quix the Devious. 😉

The biggest advantage using the Dragon summoners over the other Splinters is that if you want to play with your favorite Splinter you have the option to mix it with the Dragon monsters. This is what makes this Splinter truly amazing, because it is very difficult to predict what my opponent will bring and how to counter it. 😵

There is no specific monster in this week Battle Challenge, so I will show you one of my favorite monster after the Chaos Dragon. 🔥


I have a made a quick list of renting prices from the Dragon summoners if you want to play in Gold League. Quix is one of the obvious choice if you want a "budget" summoner to play competitive in higher leagues. 😉

Stats and abilities


Level.1ReachMelee attack Monsters with the Reach ability may attack from the second position on the team.
Level.1Double StrikeMonster attacks twice each round.
Level.3ShieldReduced damage from Melee and Ranged attacks.

The Carnage Titan is one of the reason I try to play with the Dragon splinter whenever I can. This monster is very strong and reliable. His only weakness is the magic attacks, but if you are expecting some magic attacks you can bring something to counter them.

His Shield ability allows him to endure a lot of melee and ranged damage, so he works as an excellent off-tank. Attacking twice and from the second position is making him one of the best tank in the game. Usually I rent him on Level 3 to take advantage of his Shield ability and +1 increased attack damage. 😁


Market price for the Carnage Titan


If you are going to burn and delete from the existence this Dragon card, it will yield 500 DEC if it is a regular card and 12500 DEC if it was a gold card. Nobody was brave enough to burn a golden version of him. 😋


This card is an Legendary card from the Chaos Legion set and the price of the regular card is quite expensive. One BCX of this card cost around 5,95 USD, so if you want a maximum level of this monster it will set you back with around 65,45 USD. 😁


The price of the regular Carnage Titan is declining like all the crypto assets and not because he is not worth to buy. 😁

The upcoming Battle ruleset


Noxious FumesAll Monsters start the battle Poisoned. 🤢
Explosive WeaponryAll Monsters have the Blast ability. 💣


My lineup

Quix the Devious is one of the budget friendly summoners for competitive play. He gives -1 ranged attack and -1 speed to all of his enemy monsters, which is a huge de-buff for them. 😉
The Harklaw is the second best reward card after the famous Djinn Oshannus. He is a legendary card and it is quite cheap to buy if you want a decent tank from the Death Splinter. His most important ability as a tank is the Shield, which will half all the melee and ranged incoming damage. The Demoralize will penalize all the enemy melee attack creatures. 😁
The Carnage Titan is an excellent choice as an off-tank and as a Reach monster. He is well protected against melee and ranged attacks and hit attacks twice in every round. The ruleset giving him Blast makes him even more powerful. 💪
I used the Corpse Fiend in the middle of my team, because of the Blast ruleset, so he will take one or two damage away from my backline. 🤞
The Chaos Dragon is an inevitable part of the Dragon Splinter, because of his great stats and abilities. He always shines with his Scattershot ability, which will randomly attack an enemy monster and thanks to his Blast ability he will damage the target neighbourhood monsters as well. 😂
The Revealer and his Stun ability is always a great choice for me, because if you pray enough to the RNG gods than he could change the outcome of the entire battle. The trigger chance for the stun is 50%! 🍀
Lira the Dark is quite squishy as a Ranged monster, but her speed and Speed buff allows her and her team to attack first and damage my opponent monsters first in the battle. Her Opportunity is just the cherry on top, because she will target the weakest monster from my opponent team and thanks to her Blast ability she might deal a decent damage with it. 😁


The Battle


Please click on the picture if you want to see the replay of the battle.

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Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?

My plan was to take advantage of the Explosive Weaponry ruleset using Lira the Dark to increase my speed and using Quix to decrease the speed of my opponent. This worked great and i think I had a very good setup against this team. 😂

Battle Result


Throughout this battle I had a huge speed advantage even though my opponent choosed the Dragon Splinter as well. Luckily he choosed Brighton to save some DEC on renting, which game the chance to secure this win. 😁

The Noxious Fumes ruleset helped me a lot as well, because I had a bit more damage than my opponent had and I was able to reduce their monsters health under two where the poison would finish them off. 😇


Do you like the Dragons? Why or why not?

I always liked Dragons, but I never really used them in lower leagues, such as bronze or silver, because the mana cap is lower there and has a smaller chance to get a decent 30+ mana cap, where these monstrous creatures shines the most. 😊


I like to help new players 😉, so if you are just starting this game and you can use my referral link to sign-up, write me a message on Discord (LordDiablooo#3750), so I will send you 100 DEC and few key cards (delegated for an entire season) to kick off your career in Splinterlands. 😊

If you would like to use some of my dividers I have created for your blog feel free to use them following this link. 😉

Thank you so much 🙏 that you took the time to read my Weekly Battle Challenge. I hope it was informative and you liked it. 🤞



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Thank you for the great information about the Carnage Titan card.

Very good battle! 👾


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A receding hare line.

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They are good at making things non-fungible.

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Good analisys and considerations about Carnage Titan

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