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When the cosmos was borne into creation and the stars were placed into the heavens, everything had its place and travellers crossed the known worlds by the shapes they had joined together in the sky. As centuries passed, some of these stars were destroyed, either striking other objects or simply their light dying away, obliterated into tiny pieces. Meteors lit up the night for evermore, tracing lines in the blackness as they shot through the sky.

Astronomers have studied this phenomenon for many years and attribute the trailing light to a gathering of crystal dust upon the meteor. A crystal that holds great value when it falls to the land and is acquired by the people. But then chaos arrived, angry that mortals should benefit from such riches thrown from the heavens. Uul breathed life into these dead rocks and created the Gem Meteor, a creature that soars through the sky and flings crystal shards from its body at anyone unfortunate enough to get in its way. These crystalline missiles splinter and crack upon impact, ricocheting into everything nearby and inflicting devastating damage. Sometimes the meteorites descend into such a frenzy that they become completely indiscriminate about who or what they fire their shards at.



The Neutral cards are one of the best cards (Lux Vega is the Number one at the moment 💪) in the game in the sense that you can use them anytime and any Splinter you wanted and the only limiting factor will be the ruleset.

The Gem Meteor is a Neutral card and I never really played him much, because he is quite unrealiable with his random attacks and it is quite expensive with his 5 mana cost.

Stats and abilities


Level.1ScattershotThis monster's attacks hit a random enemy target.
Level.5PiercingIf Melee or Ranged attack damage is in excess of the target's Armor, the remainder will damage the target's Health.

Summoner Qidd Yuff gives the Piercing ability to every friendly monster at the start of a battle. 😉

The Gem Meteor is an Epic card and he came with the Chaos Legion set. He is a ranged attack creature, which is nice and he has quite good speed as well to start every round as a first shooter and be able to dodge a bit more incoming attack.

His main ability is Scattershot, which is not my favorite at all. This ability means that this monster will attack a random target from my opponent team, which could be their backline or their tank. This ability makes this monster a very unpredictible damage dealer and it is not really good to "scatter" your damage and let my opponent monsters soak our damage up without doing any harm. 😕

There are some certain situation where this comes very hand, such as in a ruleset of Explosive Weaponry, where all the monsters will receive the Blast ability. Unfortunately these situations are scarce and that is why I choose not to use him as much.

On level 6 he will receive the Piercing ability and he will gain an extra damage as well, but I don't have any experience in such a high league to raise him higher in my wishlist. 😁


Market price for the Gem Meteor


If you are going to burn and delete from the existence this Neutral card, it will yield 100 DEC if it is a regular card and 2500 DEC if it was a gold card. Nobody was brave enough to burn a golden version of him. 😋


This card is an Epic card from the Chaos Legion set and the price of the regular card is quite alright for a "useless" monster. One BCX of this card cost around 0,47 USD, so if you want a maximum level of this monster it will set you back with around 21,62 USD. 😁


The price of the regular Gem Meteor is going down continously from the time they released it, but it is very difficult to tell that is this coming from the dislike of the community or coming from the general fall from the crypto market. 😵

The upcoming Battle ruleset


Briar PatcheAll Monsters have the Thorns ability. 🎋
Odd Ones OutOnly Monsters with odd Mana costs may be used in battles. 1️⃣ 3️⃣ 5️⃣ 7️⃣ 9️⃣ ...


My lineup

Kelya became one of the most popular and strongest hero in the Chaos Legion set. The newly released Lux Vega is a bit better, but her price is 10 times more at least. I love Kelya because he gives +1 speed and +1 armor to all of his friendly creatures, which is excellent to outspeed my opponent monsters and to get an extra layer of protection against any incoming melee or ranged damage. 😇
The Runemancer Kye is an amazing monster and her only disadvantage is her mana cost, which is 11. Apart from that this monster has the ability to leech life to herself from his targets and she is doing this with her whooping +3 magic damage. The Flying abilitiy will give her an extra +25% evade against any melee and ranged attacks, which is always nice. 😁
The Merdaali Guardian is one of the best healer in the game for the cst of 3 mana only. She can be an easy autopick to any of my team especially on Level 5, where she gets the Repair ability as well. (Restores some armor to the friendly Monster whose armor has taken the most damage.😉
The Venari Wavesmith was my all time favorite a year ago, because of his ability to provide +2 armor to all of his friendly monsters himself included. This ability made a huge impact to protect my team against the enemy monsters, but these days it is much easier to counter him with abilities, such as Rust or Piercing. Still I love him a lot! ❤️
With a lucky shot the Gem Meteor could be the superstar in a battle or just a meatshield. He is so unreliable that is not worth the risk having him in my team. One Triage ability from the enemy team is enough to counter him completely. 😕
The Albatross is a bullet eater until Level 6, where he receives the Tank Heal ability. On level 6 everything will change significantly, because he will become a Healer and it is very easy to make a room for him as he cost only one mana. The gold version is just the cherry on top to furhter boost my income from winning battles. 😎


The Battle


Please click on the picture if you want to see the replay of the battle.

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Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?

My strategy was to bring a solid tank and enough heal to support her. I was thinking that my opponent wouldn't bring any Sneaker attack creature, because of the Briar Patch ruleset and I just had to hope he wouldn't bring any Sniper as well. Luckily it happened everyhing according my plan and even though my opponent had more than enough damage to kill my Runemancer with two healer supporting her they missed few of their attacks, which gave me enough time to kill their tank and the monsters after each other. 😊

Battle Result


The Briar Patch didn't do any harm to either of the parties as none of us brought melee (only Tide Biter, which is immune to Thorns) attack monsters into the battle. By the time I killed my opponent tank the Axemaster missed his attack 3 times, which gave enough time to my healers to save my Runemancer from dying. All of the monster on the battlefield were faster or equally fast like my Runemancer, so the only reason they missed her was the +25% evade from Flying. 😁

The Life Leech ability allowed my tank to increase her basic health thorughout the battle and such receiving more heal in each and evey round. Restoring her armor with the Merdaali Guardian is also played a big role outsustaining my opponent monsters. 😉

My opponent dealt a lot of damage in this battle, but I have managed to get enough support to keep the Runemancer Kye alive. 😇


Do you like the Gem Meteor? Why or why not?

I do not think that I would use the Gem Meteor much in the future (maybe if he receives some buff), because like I said before one Triage ability were enough to shut him out completely in this battle. If you place it in the last position in your team maybe he will dodge some attacks thanks to his speed, but that is all he can do. 😅


I like to help new players 😉, so if you are just starting this game and you can use my referral link to sign-up, write me a message on Discord (LordDiablooo#3750), so I will send you 100 DEC and few key cards (delegated for an entire season) to kick off your career in Splinterlands. 😊

If you would like to use some of my dividers I have created for your blog feel free to use them following this link. 😉

Thank you so much 🙏 that you took the time to read my Weekly Battle Challenge. I hope it was informative and you liked it. 🤞



Very good battle! 👑


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It is quite difficult to place Gem Meteor in the battle line, since we are almost always looking for a good skill with a good attack or, failing that, something cheap in mana.
Good battle ☺️



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Nice analysis, along with proper details.

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