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As Uul waited for the next rift to open and for the assault to begin he grew bored. Reaching for the roiling fumes above, he scooped a generous portion from the sky and toyed with it, morphing the noxious cloud into different shapes. When a fell bat swooped by, he tossed the energy that had grown within the swirling mist at the creature, and the two collided in a fusion of angry hisses. What flew out of the resultant vapours was truly a marvel indeed. A sleek, almost feline body cavorted through the air; with multiple eyes and a peculiar bat-like snout, it was a dragon dissimilar to any that had come before. And it was of his own doing. Uul’s open maw twisted and stretched into what only could be described as a smile, as his new-born phased in and out of existence through the night’s shroud above.

There is talk that since the rise of Praetoria and the formation of the chaos gate, strange demons have been sighted amongst the clouds above the new continent. Some have described them as huge bat-like creatures with incredible speed, others swear they are flying invaders from the other world, but to the scholars in Draykh-Nahka who have seen their images there is no doubt, these are new, uncatalogued sub-species of dragon. For reasons unknown, these creatures spend most of their time hidden within the clouds, but from the limited studies done, it is evidenced they have a strong resistance to magic and a predilection for hunting at night when the moon is full.


The Dragons came back for this week, which is my (and many of us) favorite Splinter. They are very powerful and versatile, so they can handle any kind of situation with ease. There are few key dragons and monsters, which I always use if the ruleset and mana cap allows me.

Their unique feature is that you can choose another Splinter and use their monster to build a strong team. It is very difficult for the opponent to predict how to prepare against this Splinter for this reason. 😎




This week's battle challenge features the Dragons, so I choosed one of them, which I played in my battle. The one I choose will be the Void Dragon, so let's see his stats and abilities on all levels. 😁


The Void Dragon is a legendary monster and such it is quite powerful. His main role is not dealing a huge amount of damage, but trying to evade some attacks using his big speed. This monster is particularly good against the Magic 🔮 attack creatures, because he possess the Void ability from Level one. This ability allows this monster to reduce the incoming Magic attack damage by one or if the attack is higher than three than the damage will be halved (rounded up).

He has the Flying ability as well (he is a Dragon after all 😉), which gives him an increased chance of evading Melee or Ranged attacks from Monsters who do not have the Flying ability. (+25% chance to evade)

Usually a high speed dodger is not really good against Magic attack creatures, because they always hit their target, that is why it is so important to increase the Void Dragon Level to three, where he will receive the Phase ability. This allows this monster to dodge Magic attacks as well using the same hit/miss calculation as for Melee and Ranged attacks.😇



EarthquakeNon-flying Monsters take 2 Melee damage at the end of each round.
Holy ProtectionAll Monsters have the Divine Shield ability.


My lineup and the decision behind it!

Quix The Devious


Quix The Devious is an amazing Dragon summoner, because his main abilities are to reduce the Ranged 🏹 damage and Speed 👟 by one of all the enemy monsters. He cost 4 mana, because he is reducing two abilities. The Dragon summoners are very versatile, because choosing the right summoner they can be in a huge advantage from the beginning of the battle. 😁


Main Tank
Gloridax Soldier


The Gloridax Soldier is a low mana tank costing only five mana. His most important ability is the Shield and some armor. The Shield is reducing the damage from Melee ⚔️ and Ranged 🏹 attacks and unfortunately the Magic 🔮 attack creatures will eat him for breakfast.

He is a Flyer, so it is a perfect choice for the Earthquake ruleset, just need to pray to my opponent not to bring any Mage. 😊


Void Dragon


I used the Void Dragon as an off-tank if my Gloridax Soldier would have die. Unfortunately my opponent reduced his Speed by one, but still he is an excellent tank replacement thanks to his high Health and Void. 😊


Main Damage Dealer
Chaos Dragon


The Chaos Dragon is simply the best monster in this game. He has a huge Health pool and damage. He has the Blast ability and he is combining that with the Scattershot ability, so it is very difficult to protect your lineup against this monster.

He will kill all the squishy backline supporters with one or two shots creating a huge advantage for ourselves. 😁


Second Damage Dealer
Runemancer Kye


The Runemancer Kye just came out with the new Riftwatchers expansion and I started to use her from the beginning. His high damage and the Life Leech ability (Monster's health increases each time it damages an enemy Monster's health in proportion to the damage dealt) allows her to outlive his enemies if they left alone on the battlefield.

The high health and some armor is an excellent layer of defense just need a bit higher mana cap for the battle, because she cost a bit too much for her 11 mana cost. 😌


Income Riser and Bullet Eater


I used the Albatross to take one attack from the enemy Sneakers (if they bring any) and because he is Gold he will increase my reward by 10% in a winning battle. This game was in Silver league, so unfortunately I couldn't use his Tank Heal ability for his one mana cost. (That would be insane! 😁)




Click on the picture for the replay


My opponent brought the exact same Summoner like me, maybe he was doing this weekly challenge as well. 😂 He choosed the Death Splinter as a mixer and I have choosen the Water deck and my reason was the Earthquake ruleset.

I have tried to pick up as much as Flying creature as I could and I knew that the Runemancer Kye is flying with the rest of my Dragon creatures. 😊

In the first round we have removed many of the Divine Shield from our monsters thanks to the Chaos Dragon's Blast ability. As I expected their Magic attack creatures killed my Gloridax easily, but they will have hard time with my Void Dragon. 😁

My Chaos Dragon died first before his and that is almost always a bad sign. In the last rounds my Runemancer and his Chaos Dragon were fighting head to head and in a normal circumstance I wouldn't stand a chance. Luckily the Runemancer had the Life Leech ability, which saved the day 🎉 by outhealing the Chaos Dragon. 😇

I was very happy for the outcome and my faith just grow stronger in this excellent monster. 😎


I like to help new players 😉, so if you are just starting this game and you can use my referral link to sign-up and also write me a message on Discord (LordDiablooo#3750), so I will send you 100 DEC and few key cards (delegated for an entire season) to kick off your career in Splinterlands. 😊

If you would like to use some of my dividers I have created for your blog feel free to use them following this link. 😉

Thank you so much 🙏 that you took the time to read my Weekly Battle Challenge.
I hope it was informative and you liked it. 🤞


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Very nice battle!


Why did everyone enjoy the volcano?
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