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The horologe node is the first focus. The annulus scepter the second. But to ascend to the highest levels of the craft the anachron time mage must abandon talismans and operate by mind alone. For the rare adept blessed by visions of the turning wheel they can shift the flow of siphilum in time's flow by sheer force of will.

It is these Temporal Masters that advised the great council until the highest in their order, the High Magus Obin Anvaras, betrayed them. Those that remain hunger for a chance to reknit time and erase the chaos heresy that brought the Legion to the Splinterlands.


The Life Splinter is really not my favorite, but they have the power to dominate the other Splinters time to time. Unfortunately the only cheap Summoner is General Sloan and the main problem with him is that he doesn't have any protection and it is very easy to counter.

I love to mix the weaker Splinters with the Dragon summoners, because it allows me to use some of the strongest monsters (and in this case even the weakest 😅) with decent Dragon Summoners.




This week's battle challenge features the Temporal Master, so let's see his stats and abilities on all levels.


The Temporal Master as his name implies should be a very strong monster, but in this case it is exactly the opposite is true. This card is one of the weakest card from the Chaos Legion set and his stats and abilities are just bad.

His mana cost is 3, which is a lot for a 1 Magic 🔮 damage and a low stat creature. He has the Recharge abiltiy, which means that this Monster attacks every other round, but does 3x damage. This ability would be nice, but his stats are so weak and you need to protect him somehow to until he will shoot.

On Level 4 he receivesan extra Magic damage, but his stats is still bad. Reaching on Level 6 he will receive the Stun ability, which means when this monster with Stun hits a target, it has a chance to stun the target causing it to skip its next turn. (The trigger rate is 50%)

The Stun ability makes this monster a bit better in high level, but I am not playing in such a high league, so this monster stays bad in my eye until I step up to the higher leagues. 😁



Close RangeRanged attacks may be used in the first position in battles.


My lineup and the decision behind it!

Quix the Devious


I didn't like the Quix the Devious at the beginning when he came out, because I thought his ability was too situational. Being the cheapest modern Dragon summoner on the market to rent I had no other choice just to pick him if I want to play with the Dragons.

His ability is to remove one Ranged 🏹 attack and Speed 👟 from the enemy monsters, which proves to be very good against any team even if they don't have Ranged monsters. 😊


Main Tank
Chain Golem


The Chain Golem is one of the best tank in the game especially on Level 3. He has an average amount of Armor 🛡 and Health ❤️, but his strength are coming from his abilities.

From Level 1 he has the Shield ability, which will Reduce the damage from Melee and Ranged attacks. Essentialy it will halved all the incoming Melee and Ranged damage.

On Level 2 he will receive the Void ability, which will reduced thedamage from Magic attacks. Making him halving all the incoming Magic damage as well. 😉

The cherry on top that on Level 3 he will get the Piercing ability, which means the if a Melee or Ranged attack damage is in excess of the target's Armor, the remainder will damage the target's Health. 😎


Carnage Titan


The Carnage Titan is an amazing off-tank thanks to his Reach ability, which makes him to attack from the second position. He has Shield as well liek the Chain Golem combined with Double Strike. This makes him a beast on the battlefield, because he will be able to deal two times three damage in every round. 💪

As long as there is more than 30 mana is the cap I always try to include him into my team.


Main Dragon Damage Dealer
Chaos Dragon


The Chaos Dragon is the most expensive mana cost creature in the game and it is for a reason. He has Magic 🔮 damage, which is the strongest in the game. (because it is ignoring the enemy armor and always hit his target.)

The abilities and his huge Health ❤️ making him endure a lot of damage and thanks to his Flying and Blind abilites he might dodge a lot of incoming damage as well.

The Blast and Scattershot ability is truly the main power of this monster, because (even though is random) he can shoot in the enemy backline damaging the much weaker support creatures in the back. 😇


"Maybe" a Damage Dealer
Temporal Master


I do not think that many people using the card in play, because like I sad earlier this card is quite weak compare to his mana cost. He can not even shoot in the first round, because he needs to Recharge his attack first. When he does that he will damage 3x the damage of his main attack damage, but he needs to survive two attack round, which is quite difficult to do. 😉


Backline Healer Support
Spirit Hoarder


I used the Spirit Hoarder in this matchup, because he has the Triage ability, which making him heals one of the friendly back-line Monster that has taken the most damage in every round. As long as the Agor Longtail is alive the Hoarder will always heal him and he is safe from any incoming damage.

He also has the Blind ability like the Chaos Dragon, but it is useless as long as the big dragon is alive. 😏


Decoy and Damage Dealer
Agor Longtail


I wish to have a Level 3 Agor Longtail, because he will have the self Heal ability, but that is too expensive. I am renting only the Level 1 variant and it is quite okay for me as long as I bring some Triage monsters to heal him up.

The whole point to have him in my backline is the Taunt ability, which makes all the enemy monsters to target this Monster. (if they are able to)

This would give me a lot of time to deal damage with my other monsters, without taking any damage from my opponent. 😇




Click on the picture for the replay


The battle had a 58 mana cap, so I could bring all the big guns and the Temporal Master into this fight. 😅 The two side were pretty strong and used almost only max leveled cards. It was time for the Temporal Master to shine, because when I saw this battle I knew it will last long.

The first kill was a surprise, because the Temporal Master killed their main tank of Uriel, but Adelade brought him back to life. 😔

At the end of round 3 I lost my Agor Longtail, because he was taking a lot of damage from my opponent and only one Triage was not enough to heal him back completely.

In the mean time my Temporal Master prepared himself to another shot and surprisingly he killed his second target as well. 🤣

As soon as I got rid of their two strong tanks the Ranged and Magic attack creatures started to fal and it was easy to finish them off. I wouldn't believe what I just witnessed, because this little "weak" bad boy became the superstar 🎉 of this battle and showed to everyone that he is a force to be reckoned with. 💪


Giveaway Time!

I love giveaways as I personally think it is a very good way to reward those people in the community who are willing to read and support others contents.

So, I will run a raffle and this time the prize will be a Temporal Master for a lucky winner, so do not miss this amazing opportunity to sign up. 😉


The Winner 👑 will be chosen and notified when this post pays out and will be chosen with this tool.

In order to participate just need a comment. Any upvote, re-blog, tips are not necessary, but it is much appreciated. 😊

And let's see who won the Regal Peryton from my previous Battle Challenge post.


The Winner is @rimurutempest, Congratulations and thank you to everyone who was participated.



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Thank you so much 🙏 that you took the time to read my Weekly Battle Challenge.
I hope it was informative and you liked it. 🤞


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