Old cards, new life... #2

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The emergence of new cards changes the dynamics of battles as new team possibilities can be put into play, affecting the capacity of other older cards.


New cards with different combinations of stats and abilities and sometimes an entirely new skill that did not exist before.

The last two new abilities that emerged were Halving: Each time this monster hits a target, the target´s attack is cut in half (rounded down) from the promotional card Halfing Alchemist.

ability_halving.png ability_oppress.png

And the most recent Oppress: Does double damage when attacking an enemy that has no attacks. present in the new rewards cards Grim Reaper and Fineas Rage from the last edition.

With Oppress we can see how a new ability can change things, certainly cards without attack like Lord Arianthus, Angel of Light, Peaceful Giant, Gelatinous Cube, and Warrior of Peace will become much more vulnerable when faced with this situation.


New and different cards influence other cards, sometimes making them weaker and sometimes stronger than before

Some cards come to bring new breath and a new life to others who seemed to be somewhat forgotten, such as Fallen Specter.

Who due to a very small amount of life was almost always instantly killed when facing an enemy with Magic Reflect.


However, with the new legendary summoner Mimosa Nightshade, which provides all monsters on your team with Void ability, it can no longer be killed by Magic Reflect, making it much more useful and powerful.

Yodin Zaku, another recently created legendary summoner, also being particularly lethal when using arrow cards with the Sniper ability, benefiting them twice to increase arrow damage and a greater range with Blast action, hitting several enemies at once.

With his leadership, cards like Fire Beetle, Ferexia General, Mantoid, and Centaur have become much stronger.


Just like several other cards, for example, the legendary Lord of Fire, which has many abilities but it usually has low arrow damage, and now, with Zaku, have its offensive power increased considerably.

Another important new card: Tower Gryffin that made Fire and Death splinter stronger, because now they have access to Armor.

It’s especially useful if you want to use Exploding Dwarf because this way it doesn’t get killed from a first enemy Thorns attack.


The same way the Gloridax Guardian can give Armor too, but it requires using a Dragon summoner.

Now the aspect not very pleasant for certain cards that lose power and value when more interesting ones are created

Wood Nymph became a bit weaker when Khmer Princess was introduced. Tank Heal + Triage for just 2 mana seems stronger than Tank Heal + Strengthen for 4 mana.


We can say that all Magic Reflect cards got a little weaker with the advent of Triage.

Minotaur Warrior was used as a tank for Little League ruleset, but after Untamed Release, the Failed summoner is a lot better.

And also Lord Arianthus became less useful for low mana when Failed Summoner was introduced.


Opportunity cards probably made Elven Cutthroat and all Sneak cards a little less played.

Its advantage is clear because attacking the monster with less health is almost always more effective than aiming at the monster in the last position.

Sneak's predictability means that the opponent can prevent with Retaliate or Thorns for example.


Finally, we can say that Daria Dragonscale and Zintar Mortalis are less useful when Camila Sungazer is available.

Certainly, I must be forgetting other examples, and if anyone can remember something I missed, please let me know in the comments.

In the next publication of this series, we will talk about the changes in the power of cards that happen when new battle rules are introduced in the game, stay tuned.

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The halving alchemist has a 100% chance of reducing the attack to half or is it 50% like stun and affliction abilities. If it's a sure thing then it makes it a bit overpowered right.

I use it always in the equalizer battle! It is very useful.

@blog-beginner, yes, it is very efficient and cannot be missing from your collection

I was wondering when someone would put these side by side.

I totally agree! I think the new cards and abilities breathe new life and strategy into how we were playing. Love it!

I always wondered how we'd do this moving forward... Luckily, I need only help create creatures and looks and the magical devs make the numbers work. 💪🥰@carrieallen

@carrieallen Nice! I'm about to post about creatures that don't yet exist in the game but can't be missing, I know you'll love it. Thanks!

Yes! I agree, SPLINTERLANDS becomes more and more interesting.

The new cards have certainly leveled the playing field a bit for people like me who haven’t spent a whole lot of money on the game. Saving up and buying them and random packs has helped. Zaku has been my most prized possession lately, he’s such a great card that helps level the field versus people who constantly use Arianthus. Hoping to get more Zaku cards to level it up beyond 1 but we shall see.

Yes, @cmplxty Zaku is the best! I took advantage of these days when the price dropped to just $ 12 and maximized mine! : D

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Great post! I love the way the game is evolving, now with halving and oppress ability I think we are close to a totally balanced game, where also the overpower of some cards can be crumbled. This brings us another problem: A LOT of possible reasonable lineups and so in the end total randomness of results..

To solve this, I can't wait for the items and spells expansion, bringing back to the game some further skilling and thinking!

@madgol, Yes, sometimes many changes are a little scary, but so far they have hit the nail on the head and the game just keeps getting more interesting and exciting. Thanks a lot.

I like new cards and I like the new ability called "Halving"!