The Secret Life of Mr. Rogers ...!!!

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Hello fellow Summoners!

I am very pleased to announce a brand new guild in the Shield of Glory family of Guilds: Aegis of Glory.

Have you ever looked at Shield of Glory and said, "MAN, those players look like they're having so much fun but they're full! There's no way I can join up!" ??

Now you can be a part of all the fun, good times, great strategies, and camaraderie - Join us in Aegis of Glory!

"What's in it for me," you might ask. An excellent question. By joining, right now, you'll receive all of the benefits of joining a guild with

  • A Level 10 Hall
  • A level 9/10 Lodge
  • A level 3 Arena -- with full DEC contributions to level 4
  • A level 3 Barracks
  • A level 4 Store - with full DEC contributions to level 5

Our expectations are simple - be in love with the game. Be ready to have fun. Be excited to earn. Contribute 2,000 DEC a season. Join us and the sky's the limit.



Hell yeah, !BRO This is a fantastic addition to the Kingdom of Glory. Thanks for being an amazing guild mate and human, probably.

I do what I can, my man <3

It’s a lot. Tell your momma she can finally be proud. 😁
Your dad probably won't be impressed though.

Well done. I wish the uniqueness of the title continues in future updates

I think we can manage that. We have a lot to choose from.

Much obliged and I think that's doable 😁

I can confirm... the Kingdom of Glory is the most fun and helpful group of guilds in the game. Our discord is popping and so many cool personalities!

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