Splinterlands Social Media Challenge! Today my drawing picture The "REGAL PERYTON".

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Hi everyone .....
I hope everyone is well.I came up,
Today my frist post in the community.i hoe everyone mg support. Today I am drawing picture from the Splinterlands Social Media Challenge .The name of the picture is "REGAL PERYTON".

"Regal Peryton" is a bird that looks like a deer. Drawing a bird with a full pencil. "Regal Peryton" It takes a long time to draw a bird that looks like this deer. These are: A 4 size white page, a pencil, and a few colored pencils. 10 colors are used to draw this "Regal Peryton" bird, such as black, red, yellow, blue, brown, pink, green.

A4 size paper
Color Pencil
1)"Regal Peryton" I color the head of the bird completely to look like this deer. I color the bird in the head to look like this deer. I make green and yellow colors in the circle. I color the wings yellow and pink, the horns green, the ears green and pink.

2)"Regal Peryton" I color the wings and horns of this bird to look like this deer. I paint the horns pink. I paint the rest of the neck pink and green.

3)I color the body of the bird between the two legs and the tail to look like this "Regal Peryton". I color the body yellow, green, red, and blue. I color the red green of both legs. I do pink and green color in the tail.

4)I color blue, green, pink, red and yellow on the wings of this bird that looks like "Regal Peryton". I made another eight posts. I hope you will like it. Thank you very much for supporting me.

Splinterlands social media challenges here[ https://hive.blog/hive-13323/@splinterlands/splinterlands-weekly-curation-challange-february-12-2021]
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