Splinterlands Social Media Challenge. Today My Art "AZMARE HARPOONIST"

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Hello friends how are you all?
hope everything is well. i am also fine.
Your Friend @mspbro is back with anather art .Friends this is my 1st post on this week’s Art Contest. I draw three pictures every week. one art contest and 2 is social media challenge. And I share these pictures under this contest. Today my social media challenge picture art character name is AZMARE HARPOONIST.


I really like to make this character art. I will tell you step by step how I drew this character AZMARE HARPOONIST. I needed A4 size paper, pencil, pen, eraser, and color pen to draw this character.


i first drew the character's head, arms, and arms. Then periodically draw the whole body with a pencil.



In the next step, I re-draw the character's arms, legs, hands, head and whole body with a pen. And then I wipe the pencil stain with the rubber.



In the next step I use the color black at the beginning of this character. I have used a small amount of color in the clothes and shoes of this character. I will use two main colors here one is black and the other is blue.



And finally I color this character completely. The whole of it I used blue. I wore blue clothes, some parts of the legs and the whole body was blue.


In the final step, I reddened the belt around the waist of this character. And I use black eyes. And complete the drawing.

Splinterlands Social Media Challenge.
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