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Have you been a new comer to Splinterlands as well as trying to find a few guidance, then you definitely discovered the right sequence! With this Beginner’s Manual Sequence, we're talking about stuff that brand new gamers associated with Splinterlands ought to know or even attempt to discover. With this particular occurrence all of us may check out a few credit cards which are not really in the present Mayhem Legion growth. These times I wish to concentrate on credit cards that may obtain ignored since they're in the Untamed or even Chop growth. All of us may choose 1 greeting card for every Splinter as well as I'll speak all of us trough the actual details the reason why these types of credit cards are essential if you wish to flourish in the actual later on phases of the online game. In the event that this short article inspired you to definitely begin actively playing this unique online game, after that really feel liberated to sign up for.

Some Introductory Words

I realize that the majority of Untamed and also Cube charge cards remain getting enjoyed on the market. Even so, My partner and i surely could discover that these kinds of charge cards are receiving rarer from the second. Moreover, fresh participants are likely to grab the modern charge cards, merely because they're better to acquire plus more less costly to build up. Although that is correct, I must set several consideration around the nonetheless inside modern day workable charge cards. My partner and i picked deliberately not necessarily one of the most pricey when simply because they nonetheless must be cost-effective regarding fresh participants in which don’t desire to devote excess amount.

Fire Elemental

First up, we have one of my all-time favorites: Fire Elemental! Yes it might be not perfect for the current fire summoner as it is one that buffs melee attacks. On the other hand, I think it is important to diversify your attacks in each battle, which is why Ranged attackers are still very valid. For a total of 5 mana you are getting a card that has 2 damage 4 speed and 2 health. Yes, it does not have the most health but it is a ranged attacker which is why we hope to protect it well in the first place.


This is my favorite ability in this whole game: Explosion! Why? Because it allows you to deal extra damage to the monsters next to your target! This means that we can deal damage to at least two monsters at the same time.

Serpent of Eld

Next up we have a card that I sued to play almost every time before the new expansion. In my opinion this card is one of the most annoying tanks out there and if played in the right combination it can be invincible. I am talking about the Serpent of Eld. On the first look it just looks like a fairly average tank with only 2 armor and 5 health. What makes him so great is his 4 speed combined with the Dodge Ability. Because most cards do not have 4 speed to begin with, we already have an advantage. Because of the Dodge Ability there is a fairly high chance that Melee and Ranged attackers will miss this card!


If you combine this card with a tank healing card as well as a card that has the Repair Ability, this card can be indestructible while dealing 3 damage by itself.



Moving on to my favorite Splinter in the game: Earth. Because we are having the honor to play with Obsidian as the summoner who buffs our monster’s magic attack, it would be foolish not to focus on the most overpowered attacking style in the game. This is the reason why I am suggesting the Sporcerer. With a base magic attack of 2, it is getting buffed really quickly to 3 magic attack. This is very solid for a card with 5 health and a cost of 6 mana.

Silvershield Sherriff


Moving on to the Life Splinter where we are focusing on the Ranged attackers. This is the reason why I think that the following card is a very interesting one. With a base attack of 3 that is getting buffed up to 4 it is already a great amount of damage. Now imagine you can snipe your enemy’s cards with this card. This will make this card fairly strong. And now imagine this card has a solid speed of 3 and an unbelievable health of 8! This is how you get the Silvershield Sheriff. Yes it will cost you 9 mana to play it, but in high mana battles this card is an absolute must.

The Gorlodon


or the death Splinter we have the Gorlodon; What a name this is! I think this card is fairly overlooked but is one of the most annoying cards to deal with. Imagine you just defeated your enemy’s tank and think that you can pick apart his supporting units. Well, wrong! There is still another monster with 12 health and 3 melee attack that you need to go through. Not only that but during all this time, this monster already dealt some damage because of its Reach Ability.

The disadvantages of this card are also very clear. For 9 mana this card is not the cheapest to play and should only be played in high mana battles.

Gloridax Magus


Moving on to the last two cards which are fairly special. For the Dragon Splinter it is hard to find a card that is relatively cheap and is worth using. I think Gloridax Magus is one of these cards. Because of its Explosive Ability and the Magic attacking style, this card is capable to deal some good amount of damage. With 6 mana cost and 6 health this card also comes with great additional steps. What is the greatest negative about this card is its actual card price.

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