Splinterlands Scavenger Challenge - Ant Miner

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I thought I would try my hand at this Splinterlands share your battle challenge to showcase a battle with the scavenger ability. The specific card that I am using for this battle with the scavenger is the Ant Miners, one of my favorite cards so far. From what I have found cards with the scavenger ability make for great secondary tanks which is how I have been using the Ant Miners.


For this battle I have the Ant Miners placed in the 4th position in the middle of my line up to defend the back line and have a significant amount of health should everyone in front die off.


I really enjoy the strategy aspect of Splinterlands. This is one of my more common setups with several different permutations depending on the battle field as well as the exact mana count. The core of the build is with the back three, the Ant miners as the second tank, the Fire elemental, and the Pyromancer. The front line has several different options but the first position is a tank that is most commonly the Living Lava. I sometimes change this to the serpentine soldier or the molten ogre depending on if mana is low or high. This particular battle was 29 mana which is pretty much the ideal amount. The second position is usually a bait card of some utility. I generally pick something that can survive at least one damage from black and will draw either monsters with snipe, opportunity or both. The third position is usually the serpentine spy and this card will be sacrificed if the enemy team has an opportunity monster that hits first so that I can spare the ant miners to grow into a full tank.

The main focus of this build is to hit the second position along with the middle of the team through the use of blast from both the fire elemental as well as the pyromancer. I always choose to have the pyromancer in the last position because of the ability to soak up a few hits from sneak.

I actually won this match even though the enemy had max level cards for the bronze league and mine were only level 1. They had some sneak as well as snipe but neither were enough to break through before my blast and opportunity knocked them out.


There was also not enough damage to the front to break through my front tank so the ant miners did not see any action through this match. It has often become the final defense for other matches though. Having a cheap tank that gets up to around 8 health when it comes into actually really lets the blasters have enough time to finish the match off.


Here is the link to the full battle if you wish to see it yourself: Replay

I really enjoy discussing strategy so let me know if you want to know the various permutations of this build for different circumstances.


Thanks for sharing! - @mango-juice

nice writing friend. ant miner is indeeda useful card if you look at the mana cost for using it. I made a max level for myself already. Keep playing splinterlands and post awesome contents.

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