A Curious Anomaly: Exploring Splinterlands' League Progression

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In the ever-evolving world of Splinterlands, surprises are not uncommon. However, my recent experience with my alternate accounts in the Bronze league left me scratching my head and questioning the integrity of the ecosystem.

Traditionally, these alternate accounts have utilized bots to play in the Bronze league, a strategy that had been fairly predictable in its outcomes. So, you can imagine my surprise when I discovered that one of these accounts had somehow reached the Diamond league after the recent updates that no longer limit progress in lower leagues.

This unexpected leap in league progression left me pondering whether something was amiss within the ecosystem. The Glint rewards were minimal due to insufficient SPS staked, but the mere fact that a Bronze league account had ascended to Diamond raised red flags.

To validate my suspicions, I ventured to my main account, which had encountered similar anomalies at the end of the previous season. While playing in the Wild mode, I found myself pitted against opponents with significantly lower-level cards despite being in the Diamond league. While this led to easy wins for Glint and SPS rewards, it also raised concerns about the integrity of the league ratings below 3,000.

The irony of this situation was not lost on me, especially considering the challenges I've faced in the Modern league, where reaching Champion League has proven to be a formidable task.

As a dedicated player invested in the Splinterlands community, I'm committed to upholding the integrity of the gaming experience. While surprises and anomalies may arise, it's essential to address any discrepancies to ensure fair and balanced gameplay for all participants.

In conclusion, my recent experiences with league progression in Splinterlands have raised questions about the reliability of the ecosystem. As we navigate these uncertainties, it's crucial for the development team to investigate and rectify any issues that may compromise the integrity of ranked battles and rewards.

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