Splinterlands: My First Gladius GFL!

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I am a proud member of the @peakmonsters Premiere Guild from the beginning of Guild Brawls a while ago. While I have never thought of considering myself being a great player, they have continue to accept me as a consistent player in the game to contribute scrolls and participating in most Brawls. The experience has been full of ups and downs but I think the great job from the development team and the engagement of the community continue to encourage me to grow in every way, including with the Gladiators!

My Collectionist mentality keeps me going as I want to have all the cards in the game. With Gladius packs, it is more challenging as the only source is through participating and performing in Guild Brawls. Given my participation and the performance of the Guild, I am averaging enough Merits for only one pack per brawl or three every two brawls. Since the mechanic of combining cards extends to the Gladiator cards, the amount needed relative to the availability of Merits to buy packs is very limited.

Not only the amount of cards needed are challenging but the chance of obtaining lower rarities like Epics and Legendaries as well as Gold Foils make it even more subject to luck. However, the RNG gods were recently with me as I was able to pull my first Gold Foil Legendary of the Gladiators, Fina Voxom for the Fire Splinter! It is a pretty powerful card and despite using with 1 BCX, it has helped me win a number of battles. Another great thing I realized with the GFL pull is the CP value is huge at 50k! This will surely benefit my Collection!

I am very happy with my pull although I continue to lack so many Gladiator cards. It has me working very hard for wins during Brawls which has improved my performance as I am mostly contributing more wins than losses to my team. With more changes to Brawls coming and the potential additional of Merits to normal chest rewards, it may become more interesting in the coming months. Also, the team continues to talk about the utility of the Gladiators when lands are eventually live!

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Do golds have any special ability? Or is it for when they are tradeable?

No special ability but are useful for Gold Foil frays which become challenging as the Guild upgrades the tier of the arena. Also, it provides 50k CP which is pretty big and may come in useful when lands come.

WOW, now we have two in our guild that's nice. Those will be nice farmers for lands.

The CP is awesome as well!

Amazing pull! Crazy amount of CP, I was dreaming of pulling this card when I opened my first Gladius, working on the second 😂

I am still waiting for some other Legendaries I have not gotten in regular foil so getting this one gold was a treat!

Congrats! Gold gladiator cards are so hard to get! At least for me anyways with my luck (lol).

Yes, it is all RNG which is a shame. My Collectionist mentality drives me crazy that I still do not have them all.

A big congratulations for this cards

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