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RE: What Cards Am I Stacking?

in Splinterlands4 months ago (edited)

I am bullish of several rewards cards. I think so mainstays to consider are Sandworm and Goblin Mech. If you can stack them for under a $1 a pop, I think you'll be in good position for rentals and value growth down the track. I also look at cards that are yet to have big impact from summoners. EG How would a +1 attack life summoner impact your melee card investment potential or +1 Fire Magic if one is released. Purely on investment your best chances for maximum growth will obviously lay with the cheapest cards where room to grow is enormous and even despite significant numbers, the reality is at some point most cards will hit $1+ per bcx. It's identifying which ones will do so sooner than others which is the trickier task to further your growth. But I do believe if you look at similar cards and pop limits, that is probably where the pops need to be to achieve that value verses demand. E.G Pelacor mercenary probably wont hit $1 per bcx until it's pop limit reaches a sub 100k scenario which will happen one day but it may be some time (likely 3-5 years min) unless of course we see another massive uptake in active players. They other thing to consider that I think throws a spanner in anything I have said is the use of cards on Landplots. Once landplots become active CP will likely be a massive incentive in generation of spells and items which would send extreme demand for low priced CP and hence cards like the the Mercenary and drive up value.